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Office Rituals and Culture: 5 Habits That Make Gapstars Stand Out

5 of Gapstars most treasured office habits, and why we value each one so much.

The culture of an organization is a combination of miniature acts within a larger play, that share the ultimate story, expressed by shared values, beliefs, ritual and norms.

Simply stated, they basically spell out “the way we do things around here”. For organizations of all sizes, these rituals and cultural habits are the foundation of company culture.

At Gapstars it’s no different — in fact, culture sits at the heart of everything we do. We are more focused on driving culture with habits that reflect and impact the workplace for both our partners and us.

Below are 5 of Gapstars most treasured office habits, and why we value each one so much.

1. We like teams spending time away from work — and together

There’s hardly anything that matches the feeling of a succeeding team — one that’s driving full-speed ahead towards its goal. We love fueling it with appreciation and understand the importance of celebrating every little success.

We provide a budget to have fun with the team: How and when they spend it, is up to them! Be it hiking mountains, paintballing, day outings by the beach or going on a road trip, all of them count as long as it helps gel as a team. Also, building software teams on a holiday island has its perks.

2. We build tribes instead of silos

You could be part of a Partner team — and yet also be part of a company-wide tribe. We like cross-functional and team-wide fellowship. That’s why we are building tribes at Gapstars that shuffle people across teams boosting productivity creativity and performance. Meeting someone new gives you an opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences and learn more which can benefit both.

Each month we have tribal games & events, community stand-ups and watercooler gatherings.

3. Teams that eat together — stay together

Legend has it that Gapstars was built on spicey rice and hot curry. As simple as it sounds — sharing a daily meal is a long tradition that we’ve kept since the beginning.

To honour this habit, we make it a habit to avoid scheduling meetings over the lunch hour and ensure we sit together as a team. Of course, there are exceptions when there are important tasks to attend — but we take it as one-offs rather than a rule.

4. We bring our passion to work

Ask about the Gapstars culture and the one thing that you’ll constantly hear is about our flexibility and freedom. It comes naturally at Gapstars. You don’t have to try and fit in — it’s a place that you can bring yourself to work.

We encourage employees to pursue what they are genuinely passionate about — be it playing the guitar, badminton, DJing or cycling. There is nothing stopping our people from bringing their passion to work.

5. We immerse teams as a direct extension of our partner’s DNA

For remote teams to be successful, we understand the importance of building relationships. Having as many face-to-face interactions to improve collaboration and ensure those cultural values can be seen and emulated is a key ingredient in our playbook.

That’s why we include a team visit to the Netherlands as part of the onboarding process and highly encourage our partners to visit their teams in Sri Lanka, and to bring them over to the Netherlands multiple times per year. Last year 70% of our teams travelled, completing 2000+ hrs of travel time.

To get behind-the-scenes of the Gapstars culture and meet our tech stars follow us on Instagram. Or interested in joining us? Check out our recent openings here.



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