How GO-JEK Hacks the Market with Creativity

Alverta Shani
Nov 5, 2018 · 4 min read
Source: Tech in Asia

Do you remember the massive flower board that stole the spotlight at Senayan roundabouts? Or the heavy-text billboard around Kuningan’s traffic light that was useful to kill the boredom during a very bad traffic jam back then? The person behind all that was Bahari Chandrakasih, the creative director at GO-JEK’s Creative Labs who brought those memorable billboards to life.

At Tech in Asia Jakarta 2018, the biggest annual tech conference in Indonesia, Bahari shared some tips on how to hack the market with creativity. For him, the challenges to create a marketing campaign for a start-up tech company is the way of thinking.

While tech company relies high on logic, creativity is sometimes heavy on the intuition side. He needs to combine these two things, logic and creativity to convince the clients that the strategy he’s pitching is going to turn into something great.

When the moderator of the talk asked Bahari to break down GO-JEK’s creative campaigns, the first thing that popped up in the big screen was the flower board. Yes, it is one of the successful campaigns that had been the talk of the town.

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The idea behind it was to show our support to the nation during Asian Games 2018, even though GO-JEK was not one of the official partners for the event. So Bahari and his team worked their magic to create a campaign that stands out.

One of the copywriters at Creative Labs, Karunia Sejahtera Zulwin, or Rico for short, pitched the idea in order to show our own nation’s pride with flower boards. However, it was a team effort to make it come true.

Flower board is the best answer, solution with a local twist. It is one of the most popular customs in Indonesia as people tend to send it every time their relatives or friends hit a big point in their milestones (such as graduation and wedding) to express their congratulatory.

Bahari agrees with Rico’s pitch to give appreciations with flower boards to the locals who made it to the international stages because it relates to GO-JEK’s brand that was just launched internationally in Vietnam this year.

Turned out, based on the research they did, a lot of Indonesians have brought our country’s name to the international stages and not a lot of people knew about it.

For Rico, these simple but unforgettable ideas couldn’t happen overnight. This amazing idea is one of the results of Rico’s observations for years and also sensitive to his surroundings. The key to generate the idea is to connect the dots of every issues you find daily and save it in your mind for future ideas because you never know when are you going to need it.

Bahari Chandrakasih — Creative Director at GO-JEK’s Creative Labs

Research is also an important thing to do before creating a campaign. Ferdika Tedjakusuma or Dika, the art director of Creative Labs admits that the team usually makes the campaign based on data. He gathers the data from Marketing and Business Intelligence (BI) team. From there he will find references and turn it into an insight before the team executes the idea.

At Creative Labs, everyone is encouraged to have an infinite imagination as a creative person. However, Bahari notes that the measurement of a campaign is very important. That’s how they know how to iterate and have a clear evaluation of which campaign works and doesn’t.

There’s no qualitative standard for a campaign, the easiest thing to measure a campaign is to ask people if it is good or not? Then, find out if people get the message that was meant to be delivered. The last thing to measure it is to find out the amount of people who have shared the campaign which then leads the campaign to becoming viral.

Rico and Dika are very grateful to have the chance to work with Bahari. Rico has been working with Bahari for a long time, even long before GO-JEK. The reason why he still enjoys working with Bahari is because he adores Bahari’s vision when making a campaign.

GO-JEK’s Creative Labs is also one of the pioneers that is changing the advertising industry by creating something different than others. For us, it’s important to convey our message from a different perspective. In the end, GO-JEK wants its advertising team to go beyond “selling” a product or a brand, we want to inspire people and eventually give them reasons a to use the product.

Watch the full video of the talk at Tech in Asia 2018

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Interested to make an interesting campaign that become the talk of the town like Bahari? Visit GO-JEK Career Page and join us!

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Life at Gojek

Do you want to know what we do here at GO-JEK? Explore our medium blog here so you will not only know what we do, but understand WHY we do it!

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