How GO-JEK’s Ecosystem Enables MSMEs to Compete with Big Businesses

Aug 20, 2018 · 2 min read
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Courtesy of GO-JEK

More than 250,000 merchants across Indonesia — including micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) — currently leverage the entire GO-JEK platform to run their businesses, allowing them to reach a whole city of potential customers, 24 hours a day.

MSMEs are able to operate much more efficiently because they can take advantage of each service within GO-JEK’s ecosystem to help lower their operational costs and expand their businesses without too much investment. GO-JEK’s ecosystem also gives MSMEs increased access to market. All of these not only lower the barrier of entry for MSMEs which typically find it more difficult to survive, but also enable them to grow and compete with bigger players.

By joining GO-JEK, MSMEs instantly have an online presence without having to invest in creating websites. They are able to access more than 98 million potential customers who have downloaded the GO-JEK app across Indonesia — without undertaking significant investment in market expansion activities.

With GO-SEND and GO-RIDE, MSMEs are able to have instant delivery service without investing in their own fleet.

With GO-PAY, MSMEs are instantly able to go cashless and become more bankable. More than 65% of merchants that currently use GO-PAY’s QR Code to accept cashless payments are MSMEs — from street vendors to small warung or stalls.

The numbers speak for themselves: MSMEs see almost 3x increase in their sales volume after they join GO-FOOD. Together with GO-JEK’s driver partners, the MSMEs in GO-JEK have contributed Rp9,9 Trillion to the national economy in 2017.

We believe by using technology and continuing to innovate, the GO-JEK model can be something truly remarkable. We hope to become a blueprint for faster, more inclusive growth where opportunities are available to all players no matter how small.

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