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How to build a good corporate blog

Corporate blogs are usually chest-thumping exercises. Some lessons in how we grew from 100 to 10k+ followers

The brass tacks — Understanding the stallion

Back in 2017, we barely did a blog post a month. In 2018, we started doubling down on our content marketing efforts. This was critical because business was growing exponentially, but our storytelling was poor. This meant lack of awareness of who we are and that took a hit on our recruitment. In a market like India, where we don’t have a product, marketing was key to help us put out brand out there.

This was a time when we were doing more food delivery orders than Zomato + Swiggy + FreshMenu combined, and no one knew who Gojek was.

Content was everything. It was the lever we used to get the best engineering and product talent join us. I’ll also be the first to admit: We did a terrific job at this till this stage. But we’re also slacking now. 😓

Heaving a horse to the water, & making it drink

Having a strategy, brand guideline and themes are all well and good. But if you have one person managing this all from an ivory tower, you’re not getting far. How does one execute?

Folks from the community reaching out to our employees to ask what is it we do differently

Feeding the mare

We didn’t stop there. Based on our surveys, we realised many wanted to write, but didn’t know how, even though they had good stories to tell. Others were shy and didn’t want to put themselves out there. Some wanted to narrate a story, but didn’t want to author it, a few wanted help structuring their thoughts — a person to bounce ideas off and frame a story.

Mix the grass with Apples and Carrots

The Gojek blog primarily focuses on Engineering and Product. These are two of the most important reasons why we get a sustained audience. But by sheer volume, this can be exhaustive even for the most loyal readers. Besides, a lot of what we narrate here can be part overwhelming, part boring. If we have to mix it up, we needed stories — the kind that anyone and everyone can read and empathise with.

Nerd-cool gravity for Engineers, Product and Designers. Cut the faff.

In fact, here’s a screenshot of what our guidelines overview looked like, something that was drafted way back in 2018:



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