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Life at Gojek

Scaling people for a #SuperApp

Everything we did to market GOJEK’s Super App in India to hire the best talent in the country

Breaking down our assets

We wanted to ‘launch’ the campaign with something that was cocky, arrogant and had to explain our size.

An aerial view of the maze (Left), A genius touch from our design agency to have a mirror where you can see yourself and question what work you’re doing as of now. (Right)
Our 8-ft cutout was a runaway hit and really set the path to blow people’s minds
Social media ads emphasising scale and breadth in products
The custom-made VR game built by the good folks at AutoVRse — highly recommended btw
The left one was an idea from one of our engineers. The one on the right is a play on Frederick Brooks’, seminal books, The Mythical Man Month. Also, an important part of GOJEK’s must read books.
We had some specific hoardings that makes no sense for the majority, but is germane to our target audience.

Some of our ads are intentionally geeky and can only be understood by a few — and that’s alright. We want engineers, and even if some don’t get it, but are curious enough to research it, we hit the sweet spot of people we want to work with.

The Mythical Man month hoarding, the Clojure hoarding with open parentheses are all meant only for a few. The majority might not get it, but that was a conscious call and one I personally stick by. You don’t always have to pander to the lowest denominator in a campaign, and if you want to make EVERYONE happy, you might as well not do any creative work 😉

But, what next? Results?

At the start of building this out, we wanted to ditch the usual vanity metrics. Impressions, views, shares, comments — these are all elements that can be bought by pouring gasoline over money. Our metrics were entirely different.

Raithal village — Waiting to climb Dayara Bughyal



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