When Your Job Does Not Related To Your Degree, You’re Not Alone.

I do believe that our career is about connecting the dots. Whatever you interested on something, it will lead you to somewhere you never know before.

A few years ago, I always worry about my educational background in natural science. I thought that I have been studying physics for more than 4 years (in college) but I didn’t work on it. Meanwhile, some of my friends continue their Master in Physics or working on related company such as oil and gas company or Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI). That makes me a little bit not confident about my career. But why we have to do so?

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

That Steve Jobs quote is one chosen line that I carry on. Now I realized — after two years struggling on Marketing Consultant — that is okay to worked without your educational background. Because what matter is not about your background, but how you are doing your job as good as possible.

And now, when I worked on Tech Start Up company and take responsibility on People and Culture Division (we called it for human resource department), I found out that many people working on their job without related to their degree.

Same as today, every Monday twice a month, we have induction to welcoming new go-troops (a predicate for go-jek employee). And today, I met new go-troops that has a background on Architecture UGM (University of Gadjah Mada) and working as Marketing GO-FOOD. Several days ago, I also met a senior back-end developer that didn’t have any IT background nor programmer. And turns out, he’s my senior in college, which is he took major on physics. haha.

So whatever your job, when it does not related to your degree, you’re not alone.

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