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Welcome to HappyFresh Culture!

HappyFresh Culture Pillars

HappyFresh Culture is finally here! As a part of our growth, we launched HappyFresh Culture to define who we are as a company. We have gathered the voices of all HappyFreshers in establishing this company culture, from the juniors to the senior management, not leaving out a single consideration. Having a company culture is important for the employees to have the same understanding and expectations of behaviors towards a common goal so that we can deliver a positive impact on the organization. The right company culture also helps us in running our purpose of delivering a simplified life and achieving our mission of providing an easy and high-quality grocery shopping service across Southeast Asia. Through several processes of defining our culture, we came up with the five key pillars explained below:


This first pillar, much like its name, represents how we focus on creating and providing the best service and experience for our customers. We have the mindset of putting customers first before the company in every decision we make, making a judgment based on customers’ perspectives, and prioritizing our work based on the impact. We are all about the customers’ lives because without the support of the customers, we are nothing and would not be able to be where we are today.


This pillar helps us in defining who we are based on our work and the impact we create. We take initiative for new challenges that can bring a positive impact and be responsible for our own work. In doing our work, we are brave to commit to the outcomes, objectives, and deadlines. All of our work contributes to the reputation of the company we work in. Therefore, we take credit for a good job and face the consequences of a bad one. We aim to work with the mindset of ‘play hard, work smart’ for efficiency.


No one can function alone. For the growth of the company, we strive together as a team and work collaboratively with trust and respect to achieve one common goal. We depend on one another’s strength to create excellent work. We don’t focus on one another’s weaknesses but seek help from one another to improve. This way, we can work more efficiently.


We value diverse ideas and constructive feedback; transparently, and professionally to achieve great communication. We think before we speak: what (are the context), why (we need to express it), and how (we deliver it). We listen as much as we speak without judgment because every voice matters in the growth of the company.


Aside from working, HappyFresh is a room for the employees to grow as a person. We consistently seek to improve our skills and capability, challenge the status quo, and deliver strong innovations that bring positive impacts. We never stop learning because we want to be the best. Self-development is very much supported for HappyFreshers.

This is just the new beginning for us. With the launch of HappyFresh culture, there will be so many interesting activities to come. Stay tuned!



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Life at HappyFresh

Life at HappyFresh


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