2022 — A Year of Depth.

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Before we talk about our impact, let’s talk about Ravi.

Who is Ravi?

Ravi is a 25-year-old commerce graduate from a small village 24 kms away from Darbhanga, Bihar.

His father runs a small grocery shop in the village. His brother used to be a medical practitioner but wasn’t able to make much for the family through it, so he returned home in just a few months.

Due to ongoing financial challenges, Ravi and his brother decided to help themselves and started a wholesale grocery shop back home (separate from their father’s business). While setting up shop, Ravi realised that in order to run a business he needed to have certain ‘skills’, especially the kind to bring customers to his doorstep.

Through the Josh Talks English Speaking app, Ravi worked on his English fluency and pronunciation. Being able to practice with other students from different backgrounds helped him become more confident. It allowed him to learn English without feeling judged.

Ravi spoke for more than 10,533 minutes (that’s ~175 HOURS 🤯) with practice partners from across the country. With his new-found confidence, Ravi now interacts with at least 30 customers a day while running a wholesale grocery store with his elder brother in his village.

Ravi is just one, among millions, for whom we are building.

2022 has been a defining year in making that happen. It was a year of depth, and a year of breaking past records and setting new ones.

As we wrap this year up and build plans for 2023 with a renewed commitment to making learning affordable and accessible for all, take a quick glimpse into the world of Josh and the impact we created in 2022:

Our content was viewed more than 180 Million times per month.

In December 2022, we celebrated the incredible milestone of reaching 180 Million views per month through our content. Our community expanded to 19 Million across 18 YouTube channels and we expanded into States (Josh Talks Bihar) and Districts (Josh Talks Darbhanga) through hyper-local channels, capturing key interest areas through expansion across different categories.

It was a year when our viewership and impact across India’s grassroots grew by the multifold.

Our users spent more than 95 Million minutes (that’s equivalent to 180 years) practicing English-speaking.

The Josh Talks English Speaking App helped 260,000+ learners become confident English speakers. Our users came and told us that our English Speaking app has given them a place in this world where they feel equal.

“I didn’t know we could use apps to talk to someone and improve our communication skills. Through the Josh Talks English Speaking app, I finally have the right माहौल to help me improve my pronunciation.” — Ravi, Power User of the Josh Talks English Speaking App

Our partner campaigns reached 238 Million people.

Through our groundbreaking campaigns with partners such as WhatsApp, Amazon and Meta amongst others, we reached over 238 Million people in 2022. Majority of these people comprised the youth of India — the most ambitious and promising demographic of India.

Over 66 campaigns were executed where we created a deep-level impact in the grassroots of India.

We onboarded our strongest set of believers.

India’s youth has more than one aspiration — and there exists an opportunity to solve for all of them, one by one.

Through raising $3.5Mn in funding and welcoming some of the most tenacious entrepreneurs, we’ve strengthened the ability to make our mission a reality for India.

2022 was also the year we showed the world what we’re made of.

And the answer’s a whole lot of जोश..

…and this is just the beginning.

Read the full report of our Impact in 2022 here.



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