How to Organize Your First Meetup

We have so many meetups going on these days. A meetup is simply where leaders from the same industry, but different organizations meet. They share their experiences and stories where others learn and contribute. It’s that simple!

Meetups are a great way to socialize with your network. For me organizing a meetup is about learning and discussing:

  • How others are providing a great customer experience
  • Share best practices for creating the customer journey
  • Discuss challenges others face
  • Ask questions to other attendees

There are some really great meetups on customer experience, like Elevate Summit, and the weekly London Support Breakfast, support squared meetup. However, there was nothing existing around the Asia area. We wanted to start with this initiative and come up with a Support Community in India. We wanted to bring people together who work and provide a better customer experience.

Getting started

We knew some of the leaders belonging to the same industry but not many. We started using Linkedin connections to have a discussion on what people think about starting up Support Community. Do they appreciate it and want to be part of it? And luckily we got the answer, Yes! However, the list was not that long.

We started searching and adding more connections; sending messages to discuss Support Community; calling and discussing things with interested participants. Once we got a list of around 20 connections who were interested in participating, we planned to schedule the first meetup.

Planing and scheduling the first meetup

We decided on a format

We knew we needed someone from Kayako to lead the meetup to offer some ingredient to the participants to start with. So we planned it accordingly.

This was the first meetup and everyone was new to each other, so we need a good introduction hour too!

We decided to go with an introduction hour, a presentation by Kayako to give a structure to the discussion, sharing the processes of Support teams, and Metrics used by different teams.

We decided on a topic

While choosing the topic for presentation, we covered the most relevant topic which can make everyone involved into the discussion. We started with ‘High Value Interactions — emotional touch with customers’ followed by ‘Self Help — focus on tools for helping your customers’. We chose topics which were relevant for every Support team!

We set a time

We offered two dates to plan the meetup and asked for confirmation of all the participants. After everyone consent, we set a date and time for the meetup and chose Saturday because people have an off during Saturday and they are free to join us for n number of hours.

We promoted it on social media

We signed up for a new meetup group at as Customer Support Meetup . We shared the link at all the social sites, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to connect with more people. We got some really good participants via meetup group. Initially, the count at meetup was 12 then it increased to 18 then 25 and now it is 44!

Finally, we did it

We planned to host the meetup at our Kayako Gurgaon office. We reached Gurgaon one day post the meetup to set ourselves before we start with it. We called up all the participants one day prior to meetup — a reminder call — to ensure their availability.

We stick to our plan and executed in the same format. We were happy to see that people were anxious to join the Support Community where they can share their experiences and learn from others. Everyone was pumped up to speak and listen!

We tweeted all the tweets using hashtag #custservmeetup

Post the Meetup, we listed the keynotes of Customer Support Meetup and shared it with all the participants. The keynotes were shared internally with our Support team too, to make them know what others were talking about, what they shared and how their Support processes are!

Keep an eye out for our future Support Meetups! We’ll be scheduling it once a quarter at different locations.

You can join us at: