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From Southeast Asia E-Commerce Mogul to a Local Tech-based Social Enterprise: A Story of Riffa Sancati

What made Riffa — an expert in finance who used to work at one of the big 4 audit firms and the biggest SEA e-commerce players — decide to join Mapan?

“I’ve had enough, working for foreign company. It’s time for me to give back to society, to be a part of an organization which builds our nation.”

And that was why Riffa decided to jump ship, leaving one of the biggest e-commerce players in Southeast Asia for Mapan.

Source: Mapan

How it all started

As a former Head of Finance, Accounting & Tax (FAT) of Mapan — currently assigned as Sr. Vice President of FAT of GO-PAY — Riffa was a seasoned finance whiz who contributed tremendously on leading both companies to have a healthy financial condition.

Her career in the FAT field started off way back when she was still a student in university. She worked as a freelance accounting software consultant who was tasked with teaching accounting software to much older accounting professionals. By the time she graduated, she already had a strong foundation in the field as a result of her experience.

Riffa then joined one of the big 4 audit firms where she learned the best practice of FAT by managing various companies as her clients. Knowing that she didn’t want to stay as an auditor in the long run, she took a leap of faith by jumping ship to an offline retail company, challenging herself to take bigger responsibility of being an accounting manager — her first time experience as a part of management — at the age of 25. “It was uncommon for someone in her 20s to be a manager at an established company. So that was a topic people discussed a lot back then,” she said.

Being a very keen observer of the business landscape, she was really curious when her coworkers spent their times doing online shopping. That was her first encounter with the e-commerce industry, in which she wanted to be a part of as she believed that it would be the next big thing in Indonesia. She then made another career jump to one of the biggest e-commerce moguls in Southeast Asia, paving her way to even higher in the corporate ladder where she learned all she knew about e-commerce.

Source: Mapan

There came the urge to give back to society

It was not much of surprise that Riffa was able to establish herself as a strong, high profile in the field of FAT in relatively young age. Her boldness and confidence was part of what made her who she was. “One thing I learned during the time I was teaching those professionals who surely knew much more of accounting and finance than me was that I needed to be confident in what I did. If I wasn’t confident, I wouldn’t survive all these years,” she said.

However, there came a day when something started to startle her.

It was the fact that what she did somehow contributed to people’s better version of lives, but not people of Indonesia, people somewhere else. That was the thing which then provoked her to stay on a lookout for another chance to give back to people of Indonesia, an urge to do more for her own country. And that was the moment when a friend introduced her to Mapan.

“As someone who had an experience in e-commerce, I was really curious in how Mapan ran its business. In a way, we can say that Mapan is an e-commerce as well. However, it is not your typical e-commerce who sells lifestyle. It is the one that is trying to provide goods or items that actually fulfil the low income community’s needs, and that’s interesting” she said, stated that she was hooked with what Hendra Tjanaka, current CEO of Mapan, told her about what Mapan had been doing all these time. It was that talk with Hendra and a little Googling about what Mapan had done that drive her in taking a leap of faith and embarked on a new adventure with Mapan.

Did she ever regret her decision to join Mapan? Apparently not.

“When we’re talking about salary, we can find it everywhere. It is about the sense of fulfilment, self-satisfactory. Knowing that I work with a purpose, giving real impact in society. There are not many companies that can offer that experience,” she claimed.

“It’s been a year since I joined the company, and I still believe that it’s true, that we as a company are helping people. I believe that we will be big. Our lives are more meaningful after we join Mapan, we work with purpose. It’s a whole new experience I couldn’t get in my previous workplace, seeing our product, Arisan Mapan, could help our members out there. And that is what I always say when I talk to people about Mapan.”

We are a tech company with a strong social mission to serve low income community since 2009. In our 3rd year of serving our members with Arisan Mapan, we’ve touched more than 2,3 million people’s lives across Java and Bali and will never stop in innovating to achieve more.

Curious about how your knowledge and skills can be used for the betterment of society? Send us your latest CV to!



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