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Life at mitsogo

Mithun RB on employee well-being

Mitsogo is not just a workplace for me, it’s more or less like a family. Besides my job, I love the culture here, it’s the best! I would say, you should work with confidence what you love. Your ideas and perspectives which no one else might have thought may have the capability of making a substantial impact, we never know, right?

We’re living in a time where organizations are beginning to recognize how important well-being is, for employee productivity as well as organizational performance. Employee satisfaction starts with their wellbeing. Wellbeing is not a one-size-fits-all concept. The journey is different for everyone, it focusses on a variety of lifestyle goals including physical activity, nutrition, sleep, focus, mental wellbeing, financial health, and more.

Sustainable productivity means that employees are able to deliver their best work consistently without burning out, all the while enjoying what they’re doing. It’s only possible when we commit to being employee-centric and prioritizing wellbeing of an employee.

Especially at this point, it is crucial that we should ensure we look after our mental health — For me staying connected with people, engaging with things that are productive, getting outside my comfort zone, experimenting new things each day and adding in lots of self-care has been key in managing my anxiety during this crisis. It actually differs from person to person.

It is possible to be just as productive from home as in the office. Mitsogo has been inspiring me throughout my journey. . WFH is not a new concept, but every employee working from home and managing it smoothly requires good planning, coordination and lots of effort. Mitsogo made us feel it easy and helped us adapt to the situation flawlessly.

At Mitsogo, our people and customers are our top priority. We have set up apartments for our business-critical teams, where they can stay safe with sufficient facilities — including home cooked food and other basics, keeping in all the safety measures on a priority for the uninterrupted flow of work. They planned and arranged everything keeping in mind the employee well-being first in hand and made us feel secured than otherwise.

Mitsogo follows a one team one dream philosophy. We constantly drive each one of us to use diverse strengths to learn, grow, and collaborate to achieve the same goal.

I find my journey with Mitsogo motivating, worthwhile and delightful. I ‘m thankful to my company for believing in me and entrusting me with your dreams and ambitions.




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