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[Internship] Shania as Architect Intern from ITB

Meet our Architect Intern from Medan, Shania Adhalia Sharif, Bachelor of Architecture from Institut Teknologi Bandung, who shared her experience and thoughts on being a part of Shirvano Consulting. She learned how to operate simulation softwares such as AutoCAD and SketchUp, developing time-management, and doing good presentations.

“I joined Shirvano because I have always been interested in working in an architecture and design consulting firm which works on large scale projects. I chose to be an Architect Intern because I love designing. The designing process for me starts from the context of it, how to turn its challenges into its strongest points, learn its needs and wants, and if there’s a chance for me to make it as a tool to connect not just its users but to its environment as well.

During my internship here, I got to learn so many things. Starting from doing research projects, making a design that is build-able and satisfying to clients, users, as well as the designers, until preparing good presentations for clients.

At the end of the day, I have been so satisfied with the connections and experiences gained from internal friends and seniors, as well as with the additional knowledge that I got.

Anyway, don’t forget that in order to be good at what you do, first, you have to give yourself permission to be bad!”

Like Shania, you can also find growth and fulfilment in what you do! Be a part of #TeamShirvano by catching up on job opportunities in our Careers Vacancy here:



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