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Life at Stripe

Krithika Muthukumar on wearing all the hats

As Stripe’s first marketing hire in 2013, my work immediately spanned the gamut from setting product launch strategy and evolving our branding to running developer campaigns and ghostwriting every single post on our blog. At the start, almost every day was an exercise in prioritization: should I spend time polishing a landing page that needed to go out that afternoon or work on our segmentation framework that might determine how we sold to users for the next six months?

The challenges at Stripe were constantly changing, but also unique. For example, Stripe’s audience was primarily developers when I first started, and I had to unlearn a lot of the tone and style I’d picked up from working on marketing for consumers. Then, when we grew to serve larger companies (and nontechnical decision makers), I had to instead learn how to address a multitude of audiences at the same time. Today, the marketing team spans three continents and works on everything from publishing books to running conferences. My work now focuses on how we tell a consistent story across the different products on the Stripe platform and how we speak to a spectrum of audiences authentically in all of our marketing.

Stripe is evolving every single day — whether it’s launching new product categories or launching in a new market, the pace of change and velocity of the product force you to pick up new skills, experiment with new tactics, and walk in a variety of users’ shoes. What I’m most excited by is not the work I’ve been able to accomplish so far, but the opportunities that lie ahead to get better at my discipline and to work with a fantastic team while doing so.

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