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Life at Tokopedia

Confession of a Design Team Leader at Tokopedia

Growing Design Team at Tokopedia is not about Passion and Patience. Then, what is it about?

You couldn’t build a skyscraper before building a solid foundation.

1. Empathy is a must

Understanding problem, strong empathy and ability to connect with my team are indeed the keys to improve their personal development. I use SCARF model checklist by Dave Gray (Liminal Thinking) for evaluating trust among my team members and help them to feel safe and respected:

  • Certainty: Does this person feel confident that they know what’s ahead, that they can predict the future with reasonable certainty?
  • Autonomy: Does this person feel like they have control of their life, their work, their destiny?
  • Relatedness: Does this person feel like they belong? Do they feel a sense of relatedness; do they trust the group to look after them?
  • Fairness: Does this person feel like they are being treated fairly? Do they feel that the “rules of the game” give them a fair chance?

And during my journey, let me tell you the truth 😊

Tokopedia’s design team is very well-bonded, highly eager to learn and take up new challenges. The healthy and nurturing culture surprised me realizing that they strongly believe in the growth mentality. Overall, I am flattered to be surrounded by a bunch of smart beings.

2. G.R.O.W Characteristics

As a father of two, I notice that the experience of nurturing and growing the team is similar to parenting including its responsibility level.

  • R (Rational): Exercising or having the ability to reason; sane; logically sound.
  • O (Ownership): The mentality of people who want to see their company & team thrive, ensuring stability, profits and growth.
  • W (Weighty): Having great influence or power; important; authoritative; persuasive.

3. More Impactful

Although it requires passion and patience, building a product is indeed fun. However, building an impactful product requires good teamwork and a preliminary game plan.

4. Collaborative Mindset

Collaboration is crucial. I prefer working with people who strive to be the best for the team, instead of being the best in the team. Since you are not the only one in your team, be a listener, open to feedback, work collaboratively, be smart FOR the team, and get the support of the stakeholders and other people involved in our project.

  • Inclusion: include everyone in the project as early as possible. Give them opportunities to contribute, share ideas, and own the project.
  • Trust: it’s the most important thing. Respect everyone, trust everyone’s decisions, responsibilities, feedback, and their dreams.

5. Challenge the limits

For my beloved team 😘



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