Why Customer Service Matters

How excellent customer experience makes Tokopedia stands out amongst the crowd.

Nadira Wandari
Apr 20, 2019 · 4 min read

When was the last time you experienced a top-notch customer service?

Customer service experience could either be a hit or miss — one that would determine whether you will stick around for a long time or find another brand. As the forefront representation of the company, customer service is essential in relaying the company’s values to the customers, embedding them with strengths over the others.

Moreover, customer service also plays a prominent role in ensuring that all customers are protected and that their rights are being exercised. Hence, a round of applause is due to The Indonesian Government for it has set the National Consumer Day as an impetus to highlight the importance of consumers’ protection, right, and responsibility.

Tokopedia, too, echoes this call by taking its customer experience very seriously. It is considered as a vital element to the company. Living by “Focus on Consumer” as one of our DNAs, Tokopedia believes that customers are at the heart of their business. Thus, keeping their trust has always been at the top of priority.

A Culture of Innovation That Works

To remain competitive in providing the best service possible, Tokopedia realized that a culture of innovation is needed to continuously sets their customer experience apart. Therefore, as Tokopedia grows bigger, their customer experience also evolves accordingly to ensure that they cater to all customers.

Until today, Tokopedia has several ways to interact with the customers. Kicking off with several essential channels like email, social media, online dispute resolution, and live chat, Tokopedia also implemented artificial intelligence (AI) system which includes bot to serve customers with basic and simple queries.

Rudy Dalimunthe, Tokopedia Vice President of Operations, shared how these channels help Tokopedia successfully resolved all complaints and queries, also known as tickets, that came in.

“We managed to decrease our complaint per transaction ratio significantly from last year and settled them in a much faster way, resulting in the increasing level of satisfaction from our users. The team is proud of these achievements, but we also believe that there is always a room for improvement for our products and services. To do that, we make sure that we heard the voices of our users and strive to always deliver the best and most memorable experience for them,” said Rudy.

Nakama at The Tokopedia Care in Puri Kembangan

Driving Tokopedia Forward with Tokopedia Care

If one is to define the meaning of excellent customer service, the answer is probably making sure that all complaints are successfully resolved. Another answer could be listening and assisting customers with their issues at hand. Tokopedia, however, thinks there is more.

As the business grows significantly for the past ten years, Tokopedia realized how important it is to build a stronger and deeper connection with the customers. Beyond listening, customer service means doing everything in our power to make sure that customers are satisfied.

This is why Tokopedia is always on the move to develop its Customer Experience, among them is developing Tokopedia Care. With over 1,700 Nakama, Tokopedia Care was introduced in cities across Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Semarang. It is the place for customers to easily solve an issue they previously could not resolve on their own.

For Tokopedia, Tokopedia Care is more than just a customer service. It is an opportunity for us to expand our minds and learn valuable lessons from our customers while making positive interactions with them. We realized how rewarding it is to be able to turn customers’ frustration of complication into a sigh of relief, and how our actions and services can make their day better.

A peek inside the office of Tokopedia Care

In the future, Tokopedia wishes to continue growing to be a reliable friend for Tokopedia customers. Creating mutual growth and positive experience for all of our customers are of Tokopedia’s greatest priority. Anyone can copy our products and features, but no one can copy the relationships that we have built with our customers.

In the end, customers are not just numbers on a page; they are proof that the business is worth building.

Life at Tokopedia

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