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Content monetization on Medium changes today

Synereo: Liberating the attention economy through existing platforms

Decentralized social networking platform Synereo is rolling out a new update to their WildSpark browser extension, extending it to a fully functional web-app. With the update, as a writer you can now earn cyptocurrency by sharing your thoughts here on Medium, and sharing your Medium stories on WildSpark.

You will earn more as more people share your stories, and your fans will earn crypto cash rewards themselves if their respective followers appreciate the content they shared as well. A new way to monetize your Medium blog and other types of content (video, music, images) you may make, other than paywalls and content downloads? Read on to find out why this is important, and how you can be a part of this change to the attention economy.

The world is changing for content creators and curators

It’s not just monetization on Medium that changed with the new update. If you’re a content creator – a musician, photographer, illustrator, blogger or Youtuber – or if you’re a fan of one of these creators, you could say that the world changes today. The world — or playing field, if you like — also changes if you’re in marketing and like to advertise your company’s or your clients’ content across social platforms such as the one you’re reading this article on right now.

Synereo is liberating the attention economy, multiple platforms at a time.

The information revolution is real. You can now earn (crypto) money from sharing your thoughts, your ideas, your music and your images, and be rewarded when other people share them — because they think they are valuable — and then those people have a monetary incentive to share the content as well.

The attention economy disrupted by blockchain tech

What is the “attention economy”? If you’re not used to the term, in broad strokes you can view it as follows:

Social media platforms make money off of the content you create, and grow their profits and their power with every post that you like, share, or even scroll over. They make money with every minute of attention you devote to them. And they may very well be damaging your psychological wellbeing while they’re at it.

At the same time, there’s a lot that can be said about the value and immense opportunity that social media and other centralized attention economy platforms have brought to all of us. Making our lives easier. Maximizing our opportunities to reach more people with our content, our personality; the value that we can bring. Gary Vaynerchuk, I hear you. But wouldn’t it be great if we could get all of those perks and monetize our own content and our own social graphs freely?

The story of Synereo is the story of how one of blockchain technology’s more directly viable use cases could be to disrupt the attention economy.

Synereo makes it possible for content creators and curators (basically; all of us who are active on social platforms) to reap the rewards of the value of the content they distribute in their network, as viewed by said network. Read on to find out how.

WildSpark’s february 13th update: Musicians, Bloggers and Youtubers rejoice

Until last week, it was already possible for Youtube (and Vevo) creators to monetize their own content irrespective of Youtube’s algorithms, by using Synereo’s WildSpark. All they had to do was create a WildSpark account, and register as a verified creator. They could then intuitively share — or “AMP”-their content throughout the internet, and their fans or followers could do the same. With each share, the previous node (person) that shared the content would receive a reward in the form of Synereo’s native cryptocurrency “AMPs”, as would the creator.

Last week’s update not only extends WildSpark functionality and changes it from a browser extenstion to a fully functional web-app. It also integrates several new major content creation and distribution platforms, further freeing the attention economy. As of today bloggers, writers, photographers, illustrators, journalists, musicians and hosts of podcasts will be able to directly crypto-monetize their content. And their fans will be able to earn crypto cash by doing what they’ve always done: sharing the content of the creators they follow. This all made possible by adding Medium, Imgur and SoundCloud integration to the Synereo and WildSpark attention economy layer.

How does it work? Five steps.

So, what to do if you — like me — are inspired and thrilled at this new opportunity for monetization of your own content (next to Medium’s native partner program, selling e-books, mp3’s or being on Patreon, for instance)? Or, as a curator, the monetization of your own network? I’ve broken down the process into five clear steps for you.

  1. Visit the Synereo homepage for more information.
  2. Create a WildSpark account if you don’t already have one.
  3. If you’re a creator: connect to your Youtube, Vevo, SoundCloud, Imgur and/or Medium account, by registering as a verified creator with Synereo.
  4. Now comes the really simple part. Do what you already do on social media: check out content shared by others; follow them, share content you think is useful, beautiful, relevant or otherwise valuable; gain followers yourself and share your own content.
  5. See what happens to your WildSpark account and specifically your AMPs: possibly make (more) money while you sleep.

*Extra step: invite your friends by using your own referral link, and earn extra AMP’s.

Wondering what all of this might actually look like? Here’s a simple screen shot showing the WildSpark widget on the left side of the screen (thanks Viki):

Active believers are what makes an idea work

Personally, I think what the Synereo team is doing and creating for us is nothing short of a wonderful opportunity to change the way attention is treated, and traded, across the internet and the world. Just as with any new technology, there will be hiccups in the beginning, and the possibilities are endless. Two things will eventually define what will actually happen: time, and your and my seizing the given opportunities and making it work. Let’s do just that.

What to do next?

  • Want to read more about the attention economy and how it might be affecting your personal life and the lives of those around you? Check out this previous article about “life Beyond the Touch Screen”.
  • Want to find out more about decentralized social media? Check out “Synereo vs. Steemit” about disrupting the attention economy.
  • Want to start figuring out what Synereo and WildSpark can do for you and me, and the rest of the world? Join the community and come find me on WildSpark (referral link). My username: Air. See you around!

I greatly value and thank you for your attention. That’s why I try to bring value. I’d love it if you would let me know how you valued this article, by clapping or in the comments below. Finally, if you know anyone who you think this article might be valuable for, please share it.




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