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The 600 billion crash and the real value of blockchain

On the intrinsic value and future of crypto

What does this say about the intrinsic value of crypto?

What does the steep drop starting at the beginning of this year really say about the value of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies? Not much. If you look closely, you can see the trajectory of the market caps and prices broadly matching the trajectory of blockchain technologies on the tech hype cycle:

Gartner Hype cycle 2017

What value will blockchain ultimately bring?

As I have argued before in my extensive analysis ‘Becoming Blockchain Batman: Getting Rich and Saving the World’, blockhain technology offers two often overlooked essential and new capabilities for humans to organize their world: a new way to back our belief in a currency, and a way to make centralized and privately owned platforms for the distribution of information redundant.

Trusting each other with the help of technology

So what does this mean for the future? Now, the question is not whether the main value and benefits to society will be found in blockchain tech as a means of payment and store of value or in blochain tech as a platform.

What to expect: an extended ‘flippening’ in terms of volatility and long term value

So what can we expect to see happening over the next year or two? Mind you, I’m no financial analyst. But it seems to me the fact that Bitcoin was reported to have retreated as much as 7% and Ether to have slumped 4%, is in my intuition a maybe symbolic indication of something larger:



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