Why I’m happy to write and post a blog on my #OfflineSunday

A deliberate breaking of my weekly digital detox

Today I went for a walk in the park, together with my daughter. We hadn’t done that for a while. As we stepped into the part of the park where the park turns into a forest, I fully understood what the Japanese mean when they say ‘forest bathing’. My baby smiling at me from her stroller, a fresh breeze swept through the forest and I was immersed in a wave of positive, nourishing, soothing energy.

I immediately remembered why I used to do this so often; walking in nature, between the trees and along the water. There’s magic in white space, and as humans, there’s magic in our connecting with nature.

And inspiration.

Mindfulness and digital detox

Being offline on one day of the week is about more conscious, more balanced and more deliberate use of digital technology.

My family and I do #OfflineSunday because we want to raise our own awareness around self-direction of our attention, interest, desires and actions. Because we want to disconnect to reconnect. And because it’s fun, different, and very, very relaxing.

So why am I writing and posting this blog, today?

What #OfflineSunday isn’t about

Offline Sunday is not about running around like an internet-nazi, shouting ‘You’re online, you’re online! Infidels!’ in a bad accent.

It’s not about blindly and thoughtlessly ceasing all activity that requires an internet connection. If we want music, we turn on spotify. If we really want to order pizza, we do so online. Just turn the connection on to do what you have to do, and then turn it on again.

Just as long as you don’t fall into the trap of endless googling and end up in a Wikipedia-Bermuda triangle. Or fail to resist the urge to check what notifications you may have received on Facebook or Instagram.

Just like with any other diet or restriction you impose upon yourself; it’s not about blindly following the restriction. It’s about using it consciously.

Why I’m happy to write and post today

Just like minmalism, a balanced and more conscious use of technology or blocking yourself from using digital tech for one day, has a certain goal. Namely to free up time and mindspace to be able to do the things that are good for you; to do the things that matter and that help you reach your goals and be the best, happiest and most balanced version of you.

Today I went for a walk in the forest, which I hadn’t done for a while. Then I got the urge and inspiration to write. And writing is what is good for me, what matters to me and has everything to do with reaching my goals in life.

That’s why I’m happy to write this intensely meta post today. And to post it and keep up the 30-day blogging challenge I have secretly set for myself.

Testing some stuff, having fun, learning.

Maybe you should try having an #OfflineSunday too, sometime. And be easy on yourself when you do – it’ll only be much more relaxing than it already would’ve been.

Happy #OfflineSunday to you, dear reader!

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