Building the next generation

When you have a vision, there is nothing that will keep you from achieving it. The key to that statement is you.

You can’t let anyone take you down.

However, that does not mean you can’t feel down or defeated because there’s plenty of failure to go around for all — don’t you worry hunny. It’s a matter of knowing your strengths and your weaknesses. You must know what you can and cannot handle. When these situations arise, you must have a rough plan of how you’ll deal with it. By all means, you won’t know exactly what to do in every situation nor do you have a secret master sheet of how to deal with life.

In sales/marketing/recruiting/being a human, you have experiences that shape how you respond or react to the next similar experience. It’s fascinating when you can relate parallel concepts to various subject matters or events. It’s that “aha” moment that startles your senses, that “hell yeah”, that “dude this makes sense” moment —anyway, you get the point.

We wear our own set of glasses in life. While we may be right sometimes, other times we may be borderline contradicting ourselves. Maybe it’s not on purpose? Maybe lack of details? Maybe it’s out of ignorance? Lack of care? Lack of direction? Who really knows?

When we walk through life, we experience everything it has to offer. We see the world in our own way. We do not always live the same reality as our neighbors.

We often forget or ignore this concept.

When we have the opportunity to influence the next generation, we need authenticity and strength. Not just strength to power through the tough times, but the humility to be vulnerable when you need to be.

We do not need leaders that are scared to fail, scared to admit they f*cked up, scared to take risks, scared to tell the truth, scared to innovate, scared to expose corruption, scared to be who they truly are — we do not need them anymore.

We need to open the avenues of exponential personal growth. We need to help them achieve what we have in a portion of the time we’ve taken.

Why? Because why f*cking not.

What are you doing to build the next generation?

Thanks for reading!