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I Failed Again

I failed big again

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I feel like having to deal with the fear that comes with rejection is proving too much for me. I am deeply infuriated with rejections, and at times I feel like giving up and letting everything go.

Once a time, I was punching the keyboard with the best description of myself I could ever provide to the fantastic company I have dearly loved working with, but here I was again battling with their rejection email.

What went wrong? This question bugs me every single time I receive such kind of emails.

The number of starred rejection emails in my account amaze me at times and is enough to make someone give up and quit the process forever, never to turn back. Maybe one day, I will write about the good the process has brought my way. It will be that one day.

Could the rejections be preparing me for something better in the future? Why just now? A bunch of questions always comes to mind when I think about the rejections.

I have been pushing myself and applying to jobs that I saw fit for my career from the past year, but things aren’t just right my way. Maybe one day I will write about that success story. It just takes that one day.

I often feel like giving up then again; I remember the far I have come, then pat myself on the back and move on. This has always proved to be of many benefits to me, and again I find writing down my gains and failures to be a good habit. At times, I go back and read about my stories, and I always keep pushing on.

The best remedy I am going to do is take some breaks and focus on my skills for some time. I want to bring about twelve weeks to freshen up my skills, improve a little bit and bounce back.

I won’t let this passion, talent, and skill go to waste the way it is proving to be. The last thing I am going to do is to give up and quit.


Thank you for reading through this far, if you found this article interesting, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments and share.

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