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tw²: April 12–18, 2020 | #16

6th week of COVID-19 break | TWTW #83

Sunday (12/04/2020)

Happy Easter! Dad and I cooked Mutton Fry and Chicken Biriyani together and it sure was a good learning experience. The biriyani surprised us by burning the bottom section of the cooker unfortunately — turns out the water quantity we added was insufficient. Well, a new lesson to learn!

Dad and Son in the kitchen

Had a family reunion online! Sister in Bengaluru and mother in Chennai — we still had fun connecting together :) while I have to admit I lost my attention in between, being lost in my thoughts.

In other news, Westworld TV Series is touching upon a concept I have long thought about — the concept of choice and ensuring order with minimum chaos.

Oddly enough, I personally support the antagonists view of how control over the weaklings is important to ensure that everyone wins but it still comes at predefined cost of ensuring some fail in life for others to succeed. I hope I get to see how well they explore that view.

Relaxed in the afternoon. Woke up quite late. Feeling ready for a new week moving forward. Started listening to the audiobook called Can’t Hurt Me — Keerthana recommended me to check it out to develop a strong core. Also downloaded the book My Lovely Wife as the next read to explore. Cheers!

Monday (13/04/2020)

Woke up early! I am enjoying listening to the audiobook and the values it teaches about gaining a thick hide to endure tough tides.

Tuesday (14/04/2020)

Shaved my beard to give myself a mental new start. Well, let’s say it probably wasn’t effective. I just have a numbing sense of disappointment for under-utilizing the day. I slept late Wednesday morning at 4 AM after reading through ‘My Lovely Wife’.

Wednesday (15/04/2020)

I clean the bathroom intensively today. Juniors have started making the Yearbook content in consensus with a few of us final year students. Hope that goes well.

Thursday (16/04/2020)

Watched two movies today:

  • Se7en
  • The Gentlemen

Friday (17/04/2020)

Started watching BoJack Horseman. I am blown away by the thought provoking questions they bring up amidst the array of comedic dialogues and iconic quotes.

Saturday (18/04/2020)

Decided to go head first into project work. But only after watching 12 episodes of BoJack Horseman. Sigh.



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