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tw²: Aug 01–09, 2020 | #32

Week #22 of Quarantine Break | TWTW #99

Saturday (01/08/2020)

Conducted hour long interviews for the juniors. They are quite good at it. And so can I with regular practice.

Made a pitch deck for Learning Cell for our college.

Sunday (02/08/2020)

Akshay suggested participating as a squad for the following event>

Click here if interested!

After family chat at 11, had a Learning Cell discussion session at 12 to see if TA’s program is a viable attempt. Started interview sessions at 3.30 PM. It went on till 9.30 PM — pretty engaging yet tiring! Grateful for the opportunity.

Monday (03/08/2020)

Woke feeling quite tired — probably because of all those interview sessions. Had an hour long conversation with Anand Davichan regarding entrepreneurship route. These are a few highlights from the conversation:

  • Building one’s starting org is better in city of familiarity initially until the foundation is set.
  • The freedom of exploration in dimensions is immensely fulfilling.

Visited the doctor afterwards

Tuesday (04/08/2020)

Visited Anands work place and interacted with Arun Phillip of 2001 batch to discuss about Entrepreneurship and the possibility of seriously considering it in my career moving forward.

He clarified several of my doubts ranging from exposure in people, dimensions beyond tech skills and the need to prioritize Emotional Quotient. Decided to work with them for three months and see how fulfilling the experience turns out to be.

Arun has got an excellent collection of books!

Tried to set up my personal website. Haven’t quite succeeded but is activated so shoot me a mail!

Wednesday (05/08/2020)

Passive day regretfully wasted. Participated in Crush the Crisis challenge of Under 25 Fest. Had to justify why Kanye’s controversies is his strength for brand outreach. Was lazy to extensively search so this is what I settled for.

I seriously should start preparing for the exams.

Thursday (06/08/2020)

Day passed by rather disappointingly without much progress. Try out the awesome test on Career Explorer!

Friday (07/08/2020)

Kept the phone away. Got to work by afternoon.

Saturday (08/08/2020)

Woke up at 6 AM and ready to get work done. Planning to have one on one conversations with the students of batch — 23 about how to maximize their college time. I hope it’ll help them in the years to come. This is a presentation in progress to cover the same points.

Feeling good about our juniors — especially the academic aspect of growth. Fingers crossed!

Sunday (09/08/2020)

Had the PwL meetup in the evening. I am studying (but struggling) for tomorrow’s exam though.

Fingers crossed for my exam results! Also next week is Week #100….



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