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tw²: Aug 10–17, 2020 | #33

23 weeks of Corona break + Penultimate one | TWTW #100

I have covered 700 days of my life now!!! Now all we need to do is wait for the Robot revolution to study all this and make my immortal clone before the end of this century :)

Last 20 or so were probably boring for you haha. It’s been a transformative journey so far — with lots of realizations and discoveries in the process. I wish someone else tries this process after I conclude my time in Medium (only a few more months until I fully shift to to continue my explorative journey)

I’ve decided to write one more week (extended week till August end) so I hope by then my website will be ready for the transition to aspire for TWTW #1000 :)

Monday (10/08/2020)

Data Mining Exam was rather lengthy. Watched Saving Private Ryan in the afternoon. Spoke to Maria from CET for about an hour in the evening about figuring out one’s path in the field of tech (surprise: SHE HAS A TWIN!!!). Spoke to Jagath and Aditya later that night — those two have really improved a lot in the last one year!

By the evening, the learning cell prepped up the poster for the session.

Computer Science is a vast field — but together, we can navigate it better.

The Learning Cell of MEC is here with a webinar on the 3rd-semester subjects of CSE department — and how you can dive deeper in collaboration with your seniors in the coming months. Join us on Aug 15, at 4 PM.

Having a good feeling about this! Hope juniors will gain from this.

Tuesday (11/08/2020)

Fairly peaceful day at home. Barely studied tho.

Wednesday (12/08/2020)

ES exam was alright. Watched Cast Away in the afternoon — thought provoking conclusion. Invited Bhairavi to support the works of the Learning Cell — feeling good having her aboard! Spent the evening understanding how notion productivity works.

Thursday (13/08/2020)

Had fun in the DEBATE Club session in the evening. Had a call with Lesley — a tweep with teaching assistant experience. He explained how he approached CS education in his university and shared some valuable tips. Thanks mate!

Caught up with Noel’s fun time at Deloitte. Watched Baby Driver — quite fun!

Friday (14/08/2020)

Exam went alright. Learning Cell is muscling up for tomorrow’s orientation session of S3 subjects. Had a good refined discussion in the evening.

Bhairavi making the right recommendations!!

Saturday (15/08/2020)

Independence day! Also, binged through Archer Season 6 through the day. In the evening, the Learning Cell Introductory session went well. Kudos to Farhan and co for pulling it off. Fingers crossed for the coming weeks.

Had an hour long conversation with my Dad about the history of our family — especially the origin of Vilanilam term which is my middle name. Turns out that once upon a time (probably in the 1800's), a king wanted to give land to some people which the latter denied to accept without a pay — hence the term Paid Land (in Malayam means Vila-nilam). Bizarre right?

Sunday (16/08/2020)

Got 3 major tasks for tonight:

  1. Tackle FB Hacker Cup Round 1 Question.
  2. Present SQLNet vs Seq2SQL papers for PwL meetup.
  3. Prepare for tomorrow’s Product Dev and Design examination.

My inability to deeply focus resulted in a mediocre preparation for the PwL presentation slides:

Could not complete the FB Round 1 questions either unfortunately. Anyhow, watched Birdman in the evening.

Monday (17/08/2020)

The final exam concluded at 12.30 PM. Spent the afternoon planning out the pending to-do’s to get to. Had a team meeting with Learning cell. By the way, I have started rolling out invitation mails for 1-on-1 conversations with our juniors.

Alrighty then — last special edition on Malavika’s birthday. Cheers!



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