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About 4000 days ago I guess. PS: Faith is a pretty young woman today. No need to mention my handsomeness right? Something special for the series finale…

tw²: Aug 18 — Aug 31 | The End

It was good while it lasted (on Medium) | TWTW #101

Tuesday (18/08/2020)

Watched Revenant in the evening, after talking to 5 juniors in the evening, which was after a meeting with Anand and Sachin — who brought me to speed about the work they are working towards.

Wednesday (19/08/2020)

Watched Body of Lies in the morning.

5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

Attended 5 meetings from 3.30 PM till 11.30 PM >

  1. 3.30–4.30 PM: Meeting with Sachin and team from CET about BuildStack community and what does it take to sustain it in the future. I am really impressed by the professionalism and clarity in planning by the juniors — another promising proof of scope of development.
  2. 4.30–5.30 PM: Meeting with Anand, Sachin and Mukund about creating YEStack chapters in colleges and the structure to bring forth desire. Mukund has high clarity in designing systems that fit well around.
  3. 5.30–8.00 PM: Spoke to 5 juniors (30 mins per person) about college life and how they can maximize the opportunities within their grasp. I hope the clueless-ness has reduced for them.
  4. 9.00–9.30 PM: Interacted with Learning Cell team about creating content for the juniors to indulge with. Juniors are going to make academics feel cool again.
  5. 9.30–11.30 PM: Team call for Project 2030 with Noel, Sharon and Abhiram and the steps to take to enhance MEC experience for the average student seeking to grow in potential.

But I can’t help but feel foolish at the end of all this for spending excessive time to build systems that help MEC rather than spend solo time developing my own skill set. Maybe altruism is something I silently believe in.

Thursday (20/08/2020)

Only about 500 more letters to send in the coming months…

Woke up rather late. Listened to Lex Podcast on Algorithms and Computational Complexity. Struggling to get back to Flutter App Development Course to work on the DEBATE App work. Looks like the second batch of letters I dispatched has reached a few seniors too!

Enjoyed watching through season 8 of Archer. I must say — the starting seemed a bit boring but the entire secret service team seem rather interesting in terms of the comedy and the dark references they make through out the show. Hope to finish the last two seasons before my birthday (and then to leave Netflix behind for good).

Friday (21/08/2020)

Fail to recollect anything significant. I think I watched Spiderman Homecoming in the afternoon — fun take on the comic hero! Recieved package from Malavika — rather curious courier.

Saturday (22/08/2020)

Moderated two Group Discussion sessions today. Watched Jab Hari Me Sajal — SRK still on top of his game as a phenomenal actor. Opened up the package and turns out its a living birthday gift from her!!!

Thank you Malavika for the thoughtful gift :)

Sunday (23/08/2020)

Relaxing day 2 of GD moderation. Feels good to have a clean room. Attended Papers We Love Community discussion on GPT-3. In the evening, comic team released another comic which was rather interesting:

Monday (24/08/2020)

At 11.30 AM ventured outside to make some purchases. Spoke to Ajnas in the afternoon about the scope to do an internship with his organisation on the subject of voice recognition. Hopefully it will bring about the much needed routine in my life to make significant progress. Washed my clothes at 3 PM, started the talk series with juniors at 5.30 PM.

Tuesday (25/08/2020)

Went to practice driving the car in the morning with Dad. I am comfortable controlling the gear shifts but quickly feel uneasy in the vicinity of other people/vehicles — not to mention slopes and awkward traffic situations.

Posted the letters for my classmates in the morning and afternoon. Got down to research about voice recognition papers as part of my trial internship attempt.

Wednesday (26/08/2020)

The calls with the juniors is going rather interesting. Turns out CSA of 2023 batch has a bunch of awesome kids! Learning Cell Meeting happened in the evening — the team has some cool ideas to #MakeAcademicsCoolAgain. Bhairavi is working on this Computer Science Handbook to help students gain clarity on how to maximize college time. I admire her persistence and patience to chart out ideas and work towards it. I should probably spend time working on the internship research work…

Thursday (27/08/2020)

I tend to sleep late every night just to get those letters posted right. Starting to appreciate the power of automation but I want to provide the human touch vibe at scale and that’s going to cost time, money and effort. I just hope that the recipients (like Elsa Chechi on the side) feel acknowledged and appreciated.

In the evening, had a good team call with Sreenivas and Krishna of CET to decide how to mould the BuildStack community

Friday (28/08/2020)

Helped out Lal prepare for interview. He is really determined and earnest to rectify his flaws — I really hope the org recognises this aspect of his character and recruit him. With respect to the letters, posted around 80 of those in the evening. Hope they reach safely in the next 7 days.

(L) The New spectacles! (R) Lal right after his interview.

Now that the letters for my Seniors and batch mates are more or less done, all that’s left is the one’s for my College authorities and Juniors. About 250 letters — give or take a few. If you’re wondering why I am doing this (no definitely not a flex haha), you can read the following:

Saturday (29/08/2020)

It’s my 22nd birthday!! And Malavika’s 20th. Grateful to receive several calls in the morning — Seniors, family and friends. Decided to go bald!

After and Before!

Sunday (30/08/2020)

Had a team call with Learning Cell — promising aspirations moving forward! Pizza cutting instead of cake cutting (since Dad needs to avoid sweet stuff while I need to avoid milk stuff)

So this is it then… The end of TWTW on Medium

I have another 6 more articles to write to hit 200 posts — after which I’ll conclude my time over here. I sure had fun collecting my thoughts and transformations in the last two years. Looking back there were several meh moments that I wish I did differently but grateful for how things turned out in the end. I’ll spend tomorrow to set up blog on personal website — probably using Wordpress.

A lot of uncertainty moving forward — of choosing whats optimal in the long term rather than short term; of unlocking new avenues of growth and development.

I am grateful to share this journey with you no matter when you joining along. I hope it helped you in some aspects and better shape your aspirations moving forward.

Please forgive me for my wrongdoings and keep me in your good books. Feel free to send me a mail at — I’d be sure to respond.

Thank you Medium. Goodbye Fam!



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