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tw²: July 06 — July 12, 2020 | #28

18th week of COVID-19 Break | TWTW #95

Monday (06/07/2020)

Woke up feeling mildly tired. Watched a lot of Fullmetal Alchemist anime and played quite a bit of chess.

Tuesday (07/07/2020)

Don’t recollect anything specific.

Wednesday (08/07/2020)

Attended 5.30 AM session of the Interview prep team call. It was actually very useful — with mock practice sessions and knowledge sharing, there is a little of everything for everyone.

Thursday (09/07/2020)

Completed Full Metal Alchemist TV Series. Quite a spectacular story.

Friday (10/07/2020)

Attended 5.30 AM Session of Summer of Shipping community. Today, famed software developer Shawn (swyx) shared his words of wisdom with us — here are some highlights:

  • Be your own biggest critic. Never be swayed or be complacent by the praises others may shower on you — you are better than their idea of pinnacle of success.
  • Don’t set your twitter game objective as maximizing followers — you’ll be incentivized to generate clickbait content. Instead, invest in long term meaningful relations that can be taken offline in the future.
  • Tinker with the new tools that come out — they will be curious to hear your thoughts about and more likely to keep in touch with the long term with genuine interest. This interest can progress to establishing trust in quality of work and thus job opportunities.
  • Explicit Knowledge is what’s out there, but tacit knowledge is what you discover thanks to your unique experiences.
  • Try to shift writing stuff that people already know, to stuff that people don’t put in the effort to know, and eventually the stuff that people do not know.
  • Having a good reputation is a solution to the stranger problem online — builds trust and faith in support in the future.

My review about Dark was published on Lost In Noir platform.

Saturday (11/07/2020)

Applied for a potential Google Internship opportunity using Cloud Technologies. They are more interested in the present final year students it seems — oh well, no harm trying I hope. Spent time reading

Sunday (12/07/2020)

Attended 5 video calls today:

  • Interview practice with Vyshak for his SSB preparation
  • Group Discussion practice with Vyshak and Adithya for SSB preparation
  • Research Paper Discussion of Papers We Love Kochi Community
  • Team meeting with Abhiram and co for building the food project app
  • Finally, Excel Content Team farewell celebration online!

The juniors showered kind words on us and played games to remind us of the good old times. They compiled together a heartwarming book of gratitude with letters of “you are cool Joel” from many I came across at College. Really feel honored to be in their good books. In other news, Alum Connect program that Sanjay initiated now looks promising!

hope it goes well!

Goals for the next week:

  • Make progress in the research work for Mettle Networks Project
  • Make progress in the research work for Food related Project
  • Complete the Flutter based project: The DEBATE App
  • Make progress in solving algorithm problems on Codeforces

All the best!



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