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tw²: July 13–19, 2020 | #29

19th week of COVID-19 Break | TWTW #96

Monday (13/07/2020)

Nirmal came over today. He is a buddy of mine from school — it sure was fun to reconnect with him. He watched a lot of Netflix content and had recommendations for me apparently.

Got the goodnews that my Reddit giftee received the delights I sent.

Tuesday (14/07/2020)

Attended a webinar organized by the placement cell of our institution — an interactive session with Mr. Rasheed, an alum of our institution.

He explained to us how an optimistic and positive outlook on life is quintessential to find means to ascend in the real world even at testing times. I got to ask him his views of Competition vs Collaboration problem to which he gave a very interesting answer: One must internally compete but externally collaborate to form a successful team.

Reminded Christina to start building on the shared database for tracking student performance and suggesting growth scopes as found suitable. Fingers crossed for the long term goal we have set — to create an environment of sustained growth in the institute that shapes quality personality traits. Our 30 minute discussion had several interesting revelations:

  • Each club needs vibe people to bond people together and make working together a fun experience.
  • Clubs need to think in the long term and find ways to transfer the excitement to the next generation successfully.

Watched Zodiac in the afternoon. I planned on spending the evening to read two research papers on NLIDB and chapter 2 of Algorithm Design Manual book. ….But context switch is tough so ended up only glancing through the two papers. Need more patience and perseverance.

On Sanjay’s suggestion, I applied for a job opportunity at Cisco — fingers crossed!

Wednesday (15/07/2020)

Nihal attempted a problem discussion on the Interview prep group of Summer of Shipping — though there was audio difficulties, he put in his best self. Cheers to that!

At 7.30 AM attempted the 2011 Facebook HackerCup qualification round questions. Completed the first question by noon. Completed a module of Flutter App Development course by afternoon. After washing clothes in the evening, I decided to tackle another old problem from Facebook Hacker Cup Qualification round questions of 2012.

Thursday (16/07/2020)

I need to finish the problem I stared yesterday, as well as the basic prototype of the flutter app of The DEBATE Club App. Realized that the facebook problem I am stuck at now is a varient of the Knapsack Problem so got to learn how to program the logic for those kinds of problems.

Spent the day watching season 1 of Peaky Blinders. I admire Thomas Shelby’s ability to remain calm and composed at tense and excruciatingly worrisome moments. Decided to get back to flutter app dev challenges in the evening.

Friday (17/07/2020)

Made some progress with Flutter App Development Course.

Saturday (18/07/2020)

FOSSMEC family group meeting was fun.

The evening EXCEL AlumConnect event started out really well!

Visited the dentist in the evening. Removed the metal wire that was holding my teeth together for about 7 years. Finished the 2nd season of Peaky Blinders — quite a gutsy ending indeed.

Closing the TWTW a day earlier this week. Only 4 more to go until termination of the series. May it be exciting for you. Cheers!



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