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tw²: July 25–31, 2020 | #31

Week #21 of Quarantine Break | TWTW #98

Saturday (25/07/2020)

Worked long hours to complete Travel Restrictions problem of Facebook Hacker Cup competition. While it looks like sphagetti code, I am proud of the intricate working on what I made on my own! But the joy was shortlived when I realized someone completed it in 5 minutes on the leaderboard. Looks like I have got miles more to go before I truly gain control on the problem solving aspect.

Attended two webinars:

  • AlumConnect (MEC alum network) to interact with Mr. Divakar Bhat.
  • CETA (Dad’s alum network) to interact with a ’78 batch alum.

Honored to have a network of support to learn from.

Sunday (26/07/2020)

Watching the YouTube video together

Presented a session on Understanding LSTM Networks. I enjoyed understanding what many assume to be these abstract black boxes with no derivable significance. The recording however didn’t turn out well.

You are most welcomed to join aboard!

Solved problem 1 and 2 of Facebook Hackercup Challenge. I was about to celebrate the possibility of qualifying but then I heard my senior cleared all 3 and thus the challenge to out compete him rose in my mind. Got 24 more hours to crack it! Had a heartwarming hour long conversation with Rohith — about routines, literature and his narcissism :)

Monday (27/07/2020)

I tried to sleep at 2 but my mind was working out the 3rd problem of the FB Hackercup Qualification Round. So I arose from the bed and tried out the logic using pen and paper till 4.30 AM, when I was finally convinced I’d cracked the logic — at least a naive version for the time being. Woke up at 9 AM — and decided to start watching Dark Mirror on the consistent persuasion of Bharat and Devashish. S1E1 was quite suspenseful and thought-provoking, considering the real world implications of the hinted scope of digital terrorism.

(L) Working out the programmatic logic (R) The gift!

My Reddit Santa’s 1st gift arrived today — a Harmonica! Good to know I’ve got a new musical instrument to learn this year (cause that 15 year old Keyboard leaves me feeling regretful of never completing the tutorials in the past from numerous instructors. Joel in an alt world must be a Grade 8 pianist by now haha).


Spent the afternoon coding for the logic I derived in the night. Turns out there are cool C++ libraries and functions to avoid implementing certain components of the system. The learning is a patient yet progressive process. However, while I was super close to finishing the problem, I could not submit it in time and thus scored 25/100. Not bad considering I doubted myself to get none. Guess I have what it takes to ace at facebook interview.

Ok Ok… let’s not get ahead of ourselves. All I’m trying to say is maybe… just maybe… I validated my self respect and now feel more inclined to seriously develop programming skills in the next couple of months. Got to finish that DEBATE Club App this week.

Tuesday (28/07/2020)

Felt quite lazy today. Watched Black Mirror S1E3 in the morning, and The Interview in the evening. Decided to follow a new life routine of convincing myself that a Day starts in the evening at 6 PM (to work and make realistic plans for the next day) thus ensure I am energized for the early morning sessions instead of burning out late night. In other news, Hari is working on a promising project idea to enhance student engagement in educational systems — I hope they make the system better in the time to come. Also, my Reddit Santa Gift #2 arrived today — Calvin and Hobbes 1: Thereby Hangs A Tale. Really grateful for these thoughtful delights! Need to prepare for conducting mock interview rounds for the juniors coming weekend.

The new MEC PODCAST session is rather nostalgic!

Wednesday (29/07/2020)

Sasi Appacha’s Funeral is today. I payed my respects in the morning by visiting his home. Hope all the ceremonies will be carried out amidst these heavy rains. Completed second season of Archer animated series — it is rather hilarious to see how a spy agency endures ridiculous problems. Reddit Secret Santa’s 3rd (and hopefully) final gift arrived today — a T-shirt! Really blown away by the effort the person put in to make it feel special.

Jotted some ideas on running clubs.

Thursday (30/07/2020)

(5.30) Attended the discussion session on Summer of Shipping Discord chat on the chapter 1 of this textbook.

Passively passed the day. Had a follow up call with Anand regarding the opportunity to work with BuildStack team for an entrepreneurial route. DEBATE Club meeting in the evening too! Official handover done.

Friday (31/07/2020)

Started the mock interview sessions for the juniors. Quite a breathtaking experience to watch how they outsmart not only my past self at their point, but even my present self. I’ve got miles and miles to go haha. Also, started a small group to explore diving deeper into academic stuff for our juniors — to #MakeAcademicsCoolAgain! Fingers crossed for this initiative. Had a call with Sachin from BuildStack in the evening — gained greater clarity of how I can add value to the pursuit.

Tomorrow is a new month — a fresh start! Pray for me that it turns out marvelous.



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