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tw²: Mar 29 — Apr 04, 2020 | #14

4th week of COVID-19 break | TWTW #81

Sunday (29/03/2020)

D5. Woke up around 6.30 AM. Attended a Qurbana service by Thomas Myalil Achan live streamed from Mumbai Parish. The 3 core messages from the sermon:

  • Pray earnestly with reverence.
  • Seek what you need, not what you want.
  • Express gratitude for all you have at the moment.

Had a brunch at 11 AM. We are reducing the number of meals a day to conserve our resources to last for the entirety of 21 days. Hope that turns out to be meaningful in the long term. Maybe you could consider as well?

Played Chess Final Round with Neena. It was a pretty intense game. If interested, you can click here to watch it. We spent some time after the game to analyze it. Her daring gambit turned out to be a bit too soon to be effective.

Afterwards, started compiling together a learning curriculum for the python classes Alfin and I plan to take the next 10 days for those who need it. I figured that if I were to be critical about the teaching effectiveness of my faculty members, I had to have the courage to switch places and experience their struggles. I hope I derive some insights from this experience to add to the long term goal of improving the state of education at MEC.

Goals before month ends:

  • Finish Flutter App Development Playlist.
  • Finish the current books I am reading.
  • Finish the audio books currently listening.

Objectives to begin/resume from April:

  • Data Science on Datacamp.
  • New set of books to read.
  • Academics — deep dive.

So now its 1 PM and time to get to work.

Rest of the week

It really went past quite fast. Those Python classes happened two times a day — an hour each. I hope my students gained something valuable in the end.

Some personal stuff that made me feel low for a while but now I am alright. I just had a realization that my TWTW’s have absolutely deviated from the initial intention that Sijo and Arya had when they encouraged me to write. I guess I won’t write on days I have nothing valuable to share. Cheers.



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