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tw²: May 18–24, 2020 | #21

11th week of COVID-19 Break | TWTW #88

Monday (18/05/2020) — Tuesday (19/05/2020)

Don’t recollect anything of significance… Maybe these few links would be useful.

Wednesday (20/05/2020)

Woke up at 5 AM after a very long time.

Had a call with English Skit team — thankfully everyone’s doing well. We had a stone-paper-scissor championship and Neetha is the victor.

Thursday (21/05/2020)

Made some reddit friends and feeling great about it. Finished Season 1 of Mindhunters.

Friday (22/05/2020)

Got some project work done. And 3 episodes of 2nd season of Mindhunters

Saturday (23/05/2020)

Watched 2 episodes of Mindhunters apart from some work.

Sunday (24/05/2020)

Another peaceful day at home.

I know I did kinda promise you that this week will be interesting — well, it was for me but I doubt it was for you? Next week, I’ll make it worth your time :)



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