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[TW]²: Aug 12 — Aug 18 of 2019 | #33

…And I finally join college! and its hack weekend | TWTW #48

Monday (12/08/2019)

Bid goodbye to my grandparents. They sure had the mettle (yup that was intentional) to sustain my inefficiencies. Really grateful for having caring (sometimes overly) grandparents.

Today is the presentation day at Mettle Networks and tomorrow I shall be back in Ernakulam. Two months sure passed by quite smoothly indeed. There are so many memories I shall cherish such as:

  • Raj Sir’s supportive spirit
  • Anu Mam’s selflessness to help
  • Abhilash Sir’s awesome aura
  • Avin Chetan’s pavamness
  • Anil Sir’s leadership (and his fascinating bookshelf)
  • The cheerful maid at Mettle Networks
  • Bejoy Sir’s constant encouragement
  • Countless cheerful smiles of Ashwathy Madam, Manju Madam, Surosh Chetan, Sarangi Chechi, Hariharan Chetan, Jazreel Chetan, Binu Sir, Sreekumar Sir, Sharon Chetan (apologies for incorrect spellings and missed out names).

In the morning, spent some more time improving my code. By afternoon, had the presentation followed by farewell. They said my work was satisfactory but product is still far from deployment. I understand what was lacking and hope to continue improving on it from home.

I gave my handwritten letters to Anu Madam, Bejoy Sir, Raj Sir, Anil Sir, Avin Chetan and Swati (co-intern). I hope they all like it.

(There is another good news that I would like to share but not now… may be in a few years time I shall return back here and clarify what I meant)

In the evening, caught the Bangalore Express train to reach Ernakulam. Remembered the birthday gift amount Ammachi gave me in the morning and so ordered 3 books (and a laptop sticker) to gift myself.

Tomorrow is a holiday on account of the rains that are wrecking havoc state wide.

Reached at 9 PM, settled in and slept after conversing with Kurian.

Tuesday (13/08/2019)

Woke up to mail from Bejoy Peter Sir.

Thank You :)

Spent the morning cleaning my room. Started with the clothes in the morning. Need to re-arrange the books soon. I emailed my mentor:

  1. Stating that I have started drafting the report for the work I had done at Mettle Networks
  2. Clarified the portion of the work I intend to do remotely from home as continuation
  3. Informed that I have discussed the possibility of extending this project as my final year project and work as a team
  4. Requested a letter of recommendation to apply for google scholarship later this year (PS: hopeful this year)

I need to prepare for tomorrows placement drive but feeling a bit lethargic and more eager to sort other things out at home.

Wednesday (14/08/2019)

Read a chapter of The 5AM Club at 5.30 AM. Starting to appreciate the benefits of seeing the sunrise, along with the energy within.

Test was okay_ish. My lack of practice proved my test to be incessantly challenging. I was able to complete 1 coding problem, while the second one I partially completed. Fingers crossed.

Relaxed in the afternoon. Watched the first episode of Chernobyl. In the evening, read Think and Grow Rich. I am trying to finish reading it so as to give it to Kurian by Friday.

Something interesting happened today evening. I received a tweet from Neek Bey asking if I was interested to intern in his company to work on Flutter and Dart.

He probably discovered me when the internship bot on twitter retweeted my gratitude tweet for my latest internship with Mettle Networks. I referred my junior Joyal A Johney for the role — I hope the two get along well. Amazing how twitter makes this randomness possible.

Listened to some awe-inspiring poems by Charles Bukowski.

Thursday (15/08/2019)

Went to the Church in the morning. It certainly feels good to be back home. After breakfast, headed over to Entri HQ at Padamughal for our Papers We Love Meetup.

It went quite well and we had some profound discussions but we digressed from the paper quite too often. We decided that in future meetups, we will maintain a better format (1.5 hours paper presentation and 1.5 hours discussion). I hope that improves the experience.

We subsequently had lunch at a Chinese Restaurant and had a good meal sharing food. I got to see Anshul drive — pretty neat driving skills indeed.

Spent the evening chilling out with Anshul at Panampally Nagar. We spoke about future prospects, how to maintain good social circles. He mentioned how he enjoys interacting with people but is yet to find his perfect tribe. I tried to share my inputs by describing how my networks came to be and how simple gestures can play massive role in personality development.

Saw Susan treat her friends for her 21st birthday at Shifoo Momo’s. I crashed the party :) I met Pranav Raju after almost 5 years.

Anshul playing 20 questions with Amazon Alexa :)

Anshul and I explored Crossword after that. We had a good time exploring possible books to read. I gifted him a book I truly value — Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I hope it helps him improve his personality as it significantly helped me.

Two interesting things happened in the evening:

  1. Sabaresh reached out to me via twitter asking if we were interested to use his product to stream our future meetups. Fingers crossed and I hope that goes well.
  2. Jagath informed me of an Open Poetry Event that was happening next to my place tomorrow evening. Lady Lazarus will be making poems for us on her typewriter from 3 PM till 9 PM. Hope that goes well as well.

Oh boy! Life sure looks exciting when you have a good network.

Friday (16/08/2019)

Went to college for the first time this semester. The subjects seem quite interesting indeed yet I know unless I do not read textbooks I will not truly understand the underlying concepts.

Evening at Donut Factory

In the evening, Jagath joined me to Kadavanthara and after freshening up, we went to Donut Factory to meet Lady Lazarus — a compassionate poet who hand crafts poems for you after listening to your life difficulties. We interviewed her and attended the open-mic event upstairs. It was quite a good experience indeed.

We returned home well past 10 PM and slept near midnight.

Saturday (17/08/2019)

Hackathon day! We reached the venue by 9.15 AM and joined the gathering. Through the day:

  • Rawn and Shawn worked on the Unity App
  • Jagath learned Blender
  • Nihal did market research
  • I tried to detect object size from image

We started to realize how we are failing to solve the food wastage problem as we were not able to focus on the machine learning idea (to calculate initial volume — final volume to determine the quantity I consumed). I reached out to Gopi and he recommended to think from an engineering graphics point of view to solve the problem.

Sunday (18/08/2019)

Pitching day! Will write another article to add more clarity about the development phase.

Did not win but made it to the top 5. Reached home and crashed to bed to sleep deep. See you next week.



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