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TWTW: Dec 16 — Dec 22 2018 | #14

Introspection — a week before Christmas!


Applied for the third Pioneer Tournament, this time with the music mentor app we tried to make at Hacktory Hackathon a few years ago. Hope some good progress happens in the time to come.

Akshay shared with me an interesting opportunity from CUSAT called 15 Day Hack where one has 2 weeks to build a product. We decided to apply for it but yet to have an idea.

Nikita Mallya shared with me an ideastorm opportunity of IIT K E-Cell — to pitch my idea(s) and gain mentorship to pursue it until fruition if selected. It is a team event and so I am looking to see if anyone is interested to try it out.

Monday — Thursday

Studied for the next exam. Good momentum. I am starting to appreciate the lessons in Microprocessors and Micro-controllers despite its depth and vastness. Yes there are a lot of facts, but the logic developed is truly commendable.

Yet, the exam was quite challenging, mostly because I was cramming in all the details in the last minute. Diagrams and concepts jumbled up, concepts I never previously questioned started arising in my mind, and the clock seemed merciless. If only I looked at the subject with more dedication and interest during the semester as I did in the last few days.

The other exam was relatively better but I feel bad for messing up simple questions due to the jumbled facts in the mind.

The next exam is on January 3rd, almost 2 weeks from now. I returned to researching for the Music Mentor App idea of Pioneer Tournament. When I did some digging I realized I was not the first to come up with this idea. There is an extensive field of research called Optical Music Character and several existing implementations, some even open sourced. Heck, this video essentially built the core engine of my “supposed” original idea.

An Open Sourced Project to build the same:

All this makes me wonder — why should I make the wheel again? Clearly I joined the field a bit late.

Nevertheless since I already pitched this idea to Pioneer Tournament, I will try to understand what work has already been carried out, the thought process behind the development of those products and using first principles try to better develop it further. I guess this is what Facebook tried even when MySpace ruled the industry at the moment.

I read this interesting article and discovered that the key reason why Facebook won is not because they were the first ones to bring in the idea of social network, but rather because they were the first ones to encourage people to use their real names instead of pseudonyms. Once the initially doubt in the mind disappeared, the formula throttled truly. Smart second mover.

I continued my tutorial series on Entrepreneurship by Y Combinator. Need to get the Shaastra Passport too. Tomorrow TC + MACS + FOSSMEC discussion panel will begin to decide the set of actions to carry out for the collective benefit of all the students of the institution.

Had an hour long conversation with Adarsh. We discussed a lot of points regarding the current problems faced and how existing solutions are not adequate to resolve it.

Came across these Internship opportunities via LinkedIn Recommendation:

There tons more internship opportunities from reputed companies on LinkedIn. Do give check it out and apply if you feel you can.

An engaging read:


Lot of things on the check list. Need to make a portfolio to document my works so far. Need to have a meeting with TheApp team to discuss the movement forward. Need to work on the pending content work.

Had a meeting with TheApp team. We had a good discussion about our personal goals and what we wish to gain by committing our time to this objective.

Started discussing with Training cell and MACS on what is the problem that prevents students from diving deeper into technical skill development. We spoke about lack of a system in place to encourage, fear in the mind of the student, inability to search their doubts online and much more. We plan to take the discussion forward in the week to come.

Went to watch Aquaman in the evening. It certainly was entertaining.


Had fun making Christmas cake with family. Rolling the flour using the ladle and sprinkling the fruits over it, all to see the cake emerge from the over full fluffy a few hours later.

On the celebration roll! Greetings, cakes and delights.

Spent time learning a bit for the next exam and resumed the Machine Learning Course on Udacity. This time I am making an effort to understand the meaning of the code instead of merely filling the blanks.

The discussion on the issues of student skill development continued today. We thought about how to introduce options to students and then give them encouragement to try on their own. I spoke about the I do — We do — They do strategy I learned from Make A Difference, essentially explaining how learning propogates from imitating the teacher to understanding how it works on your own. We still are trying to figure out the root problem and I hope we figure that out soon.

Today I did some digging about Augmented Reality for my idea about AR FoodSaver — an app that creates 3D renders of the food item you wish to consume before placing the order to give a sense of quantity. And apparently, I was not the first to build this either :/

KABAQ had a 2 year head start it seems :)

Nevertheless, I should probably try implementing this locally. I will try to work on this after this round of Pioneer Tournament ends. I started digging about AR and found a few resources.

What I really was searching is to figure out how does Apple’s measure app use ARKit to measure length of objects! The fact that they figured out actualy length from 2D images using other sensor components to determine the 3D location of the device during the instant is indeed ridiculously detailed software!!

Started working on my personal website from CollegeInfoGeek website. Also submitted Week one report on Pioneer. Akshay and I are now working on this idea — at present stage to replicate the above optical music recognition software and maybe later improve upon it.

Packed my bags for the vacation that awaits. Thank you for reading through my TWTW. I hope the week that awaits truly refreshes your soul as the good will of christmas shines bright to make us smile better!

My Sisters creativity




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