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TWTW: Dec 2 — Dec 8 2018 | #12

Reflection of the first week of December


Bid goodbye to Trivandrum and travelled back with Devdutt. He had come for an IEEE event. By coincidence met another friend of mine at the station who was studying at CET. At Ernakulam we reached by 7.


Made plans to go for IIT Madras tech fest next year. Got the train tickets thankfully.

Received the mail of appreciation from Nikita Mallya for being a writer on PaperKin blog and supporting the community. Though I personally feel there was a significant lapse of duty from my behalf, I am grateful for this honor.


Today was the day for the mentoring program that I had signed up for PyCon US that I applied for few weeks ago. We had mutually agree upon a time and meet. I did not attend the meeting. I got to know of Vipul Gupta, an awesome individual, through the program though.

His slides that he used for MozFest.

I really have a lot of ground to cover for the exams. Got in touch with Udacity about second term details. Seems it will begin from 12th December. I hope I maintain a good consistency for that unlike how things went in term 1.

I read this excellent article about how the toxic apps on the phones can (and must) be risked being deleted to see how to gain control of your life again. [Warning: It is a 1/3 preview article]

It is quality content’s like this that make me feel it is worth getting premium account on Medium. These are well written and even have audio book options!

Discussed with members of FOSSMEC, MACS and TC on working on a plan via online discussion from December 20th to create a structure to help our juniors gain better exposure in technology. Everyone is into the idea.


Discovered that Adarsh from my class got an opportunity to attend Winter School of AI event at Kathmandu! Congratulations! Unfortunately he needs sponsorship to meet travel expenses. I hope he gets the same from a philanthropic individual soon.

Had a long yet fruitful discussion with Devdutt and Varun in a group about how computers don’t really understand images, they just draw conclusions based on rules that actually fluctuate with scenario.

Thanks for the video Devdutt, and the book recommendation Varun

There is so much to explore in the world of science — are you looking close? At times I feel we get lost in the rush for momentary excellence that we forget to look at long term goal and larger events round the world. Maybe this is a good time to change that.

Baibhab is having a good time at Unity Conference. He saw the booth of Ubisoft over there!


Really engaging TEDx talk!

Key Points:

  1. Cold mail people out there — there is nothing to loose, especially if you are a college student as everyone wants to help a student
  2. Bet on the best 5 people — the ones who you think will change the world in the future and stay connected with them.
  3. Take a personality class — academics and technical knowledge is great, but soft skills go a long way in developing your career.
  4. Start something in college — you leave behind a legacy at college and it will help you understand how the real world out there might be!
  5. Find “THE” professor — the one who will be there to help you when you need it and you truly respect her actions and intentions.
  6. Go on an adventure — take a break and explore the world in any way you can. The change for the mind can change your path
  7. Get max. work experience — it will help you not only prepare for the outside world but also help you explore various options to see which best suits you.

Found this excellent play list on Starting a Start Up.

Sanjay from college introduced me to this individual. He provides a lot of insights and guidance for start ups to better enable them to understand what they are fighting for. Thank you Sanjay!

In the evening discussed with BEARly community to keep a meet up sometime in december break. The initial response looks promising. This community started by Devdutt and a few of his peers truly is growing well and a meetup would help better shape future actions to take. Fingers crossed for that to happen.

Another fun fact: My brain tries to distract me while I try to study by brainstorming of 100 reasons why I should get to it. Many of these I tend to forget when I actually sit down to do it (forget about work when I open the social media). So I started noting it down on the side, restrain the temptation and in the end it turned out quite well! I had a list of stuff I needed to do. Cool way to hack the brain in to performing better I guess :)


Today I woke up to the news of Game Awards were being given out today. As expected, Red Dead Redemption II won most of the awards. A truly stunning game with excellent story and visual perfection. Game of the year was by God Of War, another visually appealing game that deserves credit.

Two interesting organizations I found out through the live stream:

This game won the best game for impact. It helps the player fight depression by taking them on a journey of its lead roles.

Though many look down upon gaming, I feel there is a growing potential for the gaming industry to empower the youth with remarkable tales and ideologies to consider.

I really felt inclined to this thought bubble. I am quite often appreciated for being good at managerial task but then unintentionally get strapped in to this phase (even in my mind), thus making it harder to climb up the technical growth chart.

Reached out to Gopi to have a meeting to discuss the TheApp idea we decided upon over a month ago. Hope a date works out.


Restrained myself from strain as I was feeling a bit stressed. Studied a bit for the exams. In the evening Adarsh from the other class shared his idea about starting a learning circle program for our juniors to give them an early start in to the world of technology. Beyond mere orientation or a workshop, if we could assist them to build something simple on their own, the joy of victory can fuel their will to continue exploring technology. I really hope 2019 becomes an awesome year in this regard for all the students of our college.

Exams begin next week. I hope I do the first 3 well. Thank you for reading through my TWTW. I feel I could have better spent it on academics and studies but now it is lesson for the next time.

Tis the season




You can find Joel’s TWTW (The Week That Was) all collected together over here. Weekly Open Journals for the world to see.

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