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TWTW: Jan 6 — Jan 12 | #2

After IIT trip, but before meeting RMS | TWTW #17


Watched Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse along with Bharat at Phoenix Mall. It is a marvelous movie with a balance of comedy, emotion and action — the perfect blend that truly reflects the comics.

We went next to IIT to attend Brainsqueeze event. The questions ranged tested our analytic thinking ability to solve math questions in quick ways. We did not clear for the finals but the experience was fulfilling.

We had our lunch at a Malayali restaurant within the campus and something unexpected happened: A monkey snatched away a bit of my lunch from the other plate! I was both perplexed and amused by it. Thankfully I was already satisfied by the meal. Bharat and I tried to find some cycles to use afterwards to roam the campus but could not spot any. We attended MOOT court, a session where mock law council debated about data privacy issue. We left after a while and debated whether or not to go to the nearby gaming center. After some thinking, we decided to return home and rest for the evening.

Bharat left for the station at 9 while I stayed back. He adviced me to not spend too much time planning means to help others — unless I am selfish, it will result in presonal failure to grow. My father and Arya from Rethink had said the same in the past too — to invest in oneself is equally important to grow as it is to motivate those around you.


I spent a considerable amount of time reading Innovators and appreciating the detailed history we take for granted behind the digital revolution. Had a discussion with BEARly community and TinkerHub to keep a tech meetup with Richard M Stallman next week. Let us see how that goes.

I realized I did not do much for the Pioneer Tournament project — unless I put in more effort there will not be much output. I discovered that tomorrow and the day after that is a hartal and so spoke to Kurian about deploying his idea of decentralized news updating app using which people can see the condition of localities between point of departure and point of arrival.

He tried to make a simple website with the following features:

  1. Shows each locality and latest updated status (safe/moderate/violent).
  2. Input fields of users to enter locality and status to update system.

There were going to be several flaws: no verification of authenticity, no google maps api to show graphically the intermediate nodes that the user would have to traverse. We assume the entries (if any) are true and that the user knows the intermediate nodes to watch out for. In short, Kurian tried to make a simple bulletin board to show details.

Why not watch instead of the app, where facts are valid and all localities are covered? Though that fact is true, the user watching would have to patiently wait for their locality to be featured and that time delay is risky. Another problem with our app is getting people to use it — both to find route details from the bulletin and for updating it with latest details. Ideally having people at key locations to regularly update the app would be ideal, but in the short span of 6 hours we had we could not guarantee that.

I tried asking in the TinkerHub community to see if anyone would volunteer. As expected, not many were agreeable to put in the time. Kurian decided to leave it as too many hurdles came up and it increasingly became difficult to get to the work. We decided to try being ready for the next occurrence of Hartal.

Another “original” idea that we thought was ours :)

We got some feedback — one said google maps sometimes shows if protest or violence occured in certain places previously at Bangalore and so such a system already exists. Neverthless, I hope Kurian continues working on his idea

Evening returned back for Ekm. Listened to a podcast and marveled at the life of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba. What started as a curiosity to understand the western world to discovering what the internet could mean for China, it is really exhilarating to see how he invested in time and network to bring out the best to the market. Alibaba went toe to toe against Ebay and the competition brought forth greater growth and revenue. The key essence I learnt is that a reward exists for those who try, the question is how much effort you put in how patient you are to claim it.

I encouraged those within my network to apply for GirlScript Summer of Code. It is like GSoC but at a smaller scale to ensure beginners feel comfortable.


Confirmed to have a tech meetup with BEARly community and Richard M Stallman on 14th January, monday from 3PM to 5PM at Carbal Yard, Fort Kochi. ‘Walk and Talk’ with RMS while exploring the exhibits and understanding how his vision took shape eventually.

Classified using Eisenhower box method of prioritizing — helps in deciding a starting point.

I made a list of things I want to get done this week as I am mostly free from study duty. Let us see how much of these I realistically achieve. I will be starting with #1 and proceeding till #4 (mistakenly written as #3 bottom right square).

Wednesday (08/01/2018)

Launched the revised list of teams for the one month project building challenge and the online group. The wheels are in motion — fingers crossed.

Had a good long conversation with Devdutt. He has an idea to create Ideagram — like Instagram but focused on students and projects connected together. We decided to try to build this together as a team and aim to launch it by summer break.

Thursday (09/01/2018)

Slow progress in tasks.

Friday (11/01/2018)

Had fun playing with Google AI Experiments. You can try as well!

Spent most of the day doing Udacity Machine Learning Nanodegree program. I took break in between to watch Bandersnatch and it certainly lived up to the hype. Unfortunately my issue of doing what I like rather than doing what needs to be done is eating away my time. I can see a lot of goals not being achieved :/

I was really surprised to see over 15GB of data sets for cancer detection that was required for a mini — project! Really impressive to see global contributions.

Saturday (12/01/2018)

Traveled to home town this weekend. Spent time listening to podcasts, reading Innovators and going through algorithms.

Next week I will have the opportunity to meet Richard M Stallman. Also GTC exam is on friday. Hope both go well. Thank you for reading my TWTW.



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