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TWTW: Nov 18 — Nov 24 | #10

Introspecting over the end-semester rush

Background music to engage your reading experience :)

Sunday (18/11/2018)

Yesterday’s unexpected hartal gave me the idea to work with my good friend Shahul to make a Harthal predictor app. I bet that would be super useful for us Keralites who have it so often and thus be prepared ahead of time

Interesting threads by Akshay and Adarsh.

Monday (19/11/2018)

Lab Exam went well. Viva did not. But overall I am quite happy.

Joyal from TheApp team suggested we plan the few key points for the app. I keep thinking about the awesome idea and the wonderful team backing it. Can’t wait to dig deeper into the implementation phase.

The kid next door is really liking SQL and applying logic to compute queries. It is really nice to see the spark in his eyes instead of the dull vibes I see quite often at college.

Discussed with Bhairavi about her idea of starting a P2P learning circle to develop knowledge of basics. She also agreed with Adarsh that quiting at the onset of the minute hurdle is not the ingredient for a progressive journey in development and so we must ensure 1 week = 1 concept thoroughly. Task for tomorrow is to research and find online group study tools.

Ashwin and Bindya from the placement cell helped us better shape our resume’s by finding the smallest of the possible errors! They sure have sharp eyes and I am grateful about it! :)

Kicked off the GSoC preparation phase of FOSSMEC. Students are enthusiastic. Let us work together to raise and support their skills. Though tumbleweed issue happened for a while, we tried to maintain a jovial outlook and I hope in time that creates a safe space and confidence in one self.

College life is eventful isn’t it? :)

New discovery unlocked:

Got to get in touch with a Google Intern currently working at Tokyo. He was very friendly and gave me tips on how to earn such awesome opportunities. The key lies in working on projects and applying for it confidently.

Thank you! Really nice getting in touch :)

Tuesday (20/11/2018)

A holiday, I aimed to achieve a lot from my checklist. But guessing from the fact that I am writing this 1AM I doubt the energy level I will have to keep it up. Reminds me of this powerful TEDx Talk about procrastination and how we steal from our future self.

At college my peers are interested to take up TWTW seriously after seeing mine. I am happy to know I inspired them to excel further. Thank you all for trusting and reading through it.

That being said, not everyday is glorious and I do not highlight my errors usually. I hope that is a realization they get when they start theirs.


Relaxing Labs and hectic deadline schedules.

TheApp Technical meeting happened. We decided to proceed with Node.js for the backend and Java for the front end. Work begins from January but research and wire frames start now. Joyal shared this hilarious video series that explains start up dilemmas.

Meanwhile at home I am spending time on doing things that interest me rather than the things that need to be done. Not good.

Stumbled on this awesome resource:


Debate club session was the last of 2018. Today’s session was about analyzing 2018 so far and converting it into a motivational speech. Even though people had really boring times, they were able to highlight some major points and share it well. Aarish spoke about ambition vs dream dilemma while Aswin spoke about how MUN’s helped him speak better. Overall it was a good experience and we all celebrated at Royals.

Everyone attempting to make their lives more meaningful

MACS the computer science fraternity of our college inaugurated the codechef chapter in our college by conducting some fun competitions and establishing a channel to communicate on telegram. Look forward to improving my technical skills.

We planned for having a GSoC 2019 aspirants meeting tomorrow for all the years and Linux installation drives to help them set up the ecosystem. Hope that goes well tomorrow.

Arya from college shared this awesome content. Thank you!


FOSSMEC had the meeting with the GSoC 2019 aspirants and helped them install Linux on their machines. These were the key points we informed them:

1. Understand how Git works.

2. Understand what technology is used by the organization you wish to contribute to.

3. Find your own mentor by reaching out to last year contributors via email.

4. Find out the chat channel for the organization.

5. Go to their repository (probably on GitHub) and find simple issues (semi-colon missing etc) to solve. It might feel to small but the joy of seeing your Pull Request get accepted will boost your confidence level.

6. From January, keep a consistent rate. Make it a point to put in a time every day towards this. You need to find your balance between college work and this to actually succeed.

These insights and the opportunity to mingle with technically skilled seniors helped them open up and understand the opportunities out there.


Hectic day with a lot of college work. Relaxed when I got back home. My friends had a great time at DebUtsav, the open source festival at CUSAT.

I enjoyed teaching Git via phone call to a junior for an hour by explaining it through this diagram.

Bonus Content:

I strongly believe in the power of a collective, a value I took from Make a Difference and implementing it in various phases of life.

Also I should consider unlisting my idea pitches on YouTube and using it for online competition submissions as an added support. Like I mentioned in a previous TWTW, A video resume in parts for the projects :)

Applied for an Education Conference. Also applied for scholarship to attend Creative Commons Global Summit. Their pursuits always intrigued me.

Tons more from this thread. Thanks for sharing Felix!

Thank you for reading through my TWTW. With just 5 more weeks for the year to end, I hope things get better moving forward.



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