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TWTW: Oct 29 — Nov 4 | #7

An introspection

Monday (29/10/2018)

The week began with the excitement of Excel 2018 — the annual techno-managerial festival of our college. With everyone working hard on enhancing the ambiance of the institute, we were able to see the vibrant student community unite together and device creative products to decorate the college with.

Devashish and I discussed about the value of networking with seniors and understanding the placement patterns, the opportunities available and the growth one can have by taking their advices. We both agreed to ensure our Juniors were well — benefited through our continuous support in the time to come.

In the afternoon, I had a fruitful discussion with peers on how programs like Women In Tech by Rethink Foundation and other programs are essential to empower women to explore technology. While we all agreed that such avenues provide the gateway to get started, the feeling some had was that more time was spent on creating an impression rather than building technical skills. We finally came to the conclusion that such programs need to be generic for all participants irrespective of their background and so these individuals need to be shown the potential they hold within and how to channel it to work towards specialization.

For our database lab project, we decided to make a ChatBot (the same alice bot that Hari and Adithya made) which required selected SQL queries. Hope we complete that smoothly too.

I (again) won October competition of Google Student Connect mailing list for my 299 word short ghost story. Thank you Google, and I eagerly look forward to the wireless headphones! :)


Tuesday (30/10/2018)

Damini Satya (whom I met at PyCon India 2018)gave a talk on her ChatBot Elsa which aims to be the ideal depression alleviator. She replied to my congratulations message on twitter and appreciated my idea of starting #ElsaCares support groups world wide.

Got the news that IBM was going to acquire Redhat. Just when Microsoft finished acquiring GitHub. Are we starting to see a pattern here?

Interesting Read I found that day while frantically trying to complete my Udacity Project:

Wednesday (31/10/2018)

I spoke to Abhijith from training cell about how FOSSMEC could collaborate with them to empower our juniors. It was effective as he expressed his interest in starting a training and project execution phase from January to spend 2019 to build a strong personality and confidence with technical aptitude and authenticity in resume. I hope it goes smoothly.

Thursday (01/10/2018)

Excel is here! I got to see the cool ideas of IBeTo today (Abhiram’s Alzhiemer patient app to Yedhu’s innovative farm management app). We need to finish the website and google app-scripting for MECLABS project.

My classmate Shawn is a creative being. I visited his hostel at noon and got to see his innovations, ranging from home made mini — fridge using thermo-col to ventilation fan system at his window. I hope the world recognizes his creative thinking.

Marking the Kerala Foundation day, ThengOS released today! It is an open source operating system made with malayalam documentation to encourage the youth of today to contribute to the growth of the state. Subin a FOSS enthusiast who participated for IBeTo encouraged us to hold a short launch event which went quite well.

Friday (02/11/2018)

Excel begins! I attended a talk session by Stasis Health care and enjoyed their solution to apply technology to connect hospitals, homes and analytic tools.

Next I participated in reverse coding prelims with Sandeep Pillai, a first year student. Following my duty, I next went for the guest lecture session by Mr.Arun Balachandran, an alumni of our institution who explained how MEC changed his life for the better. It was during the session that I got a call informing me that I was selected for the finals of Reverse Coding!

After lunch, I met up with Sandeep at the lab and we participated. We could execute the output file and the task was to figure out the meaning of the output in order to deduce what the program was computing. We could solve 3 questions and attain the logic of 1. My classmates Kuriakose and Tino finished first place with a lead of 7 solved problems (including the hardest 10th question)— hurray!!

The evening that followed was fun time at Fun Zone with the music and Halloween party. When I got back home I was in the mood of writing and so completed 7 long pending article and scheduled it for publish in 4 hour intervals for the next day.

Saturday (03/11/2018)

In the morning I participated in the prelim of two events — Crime Scene Investigation and Algorithms. Ms. Anmol Rodriguez, a motivational speaker from Mumbai shared her story of how she remained positive despite the scars society left because of her appearance. I got the news that I got selected for the finals of Algorithms and so went for it after lunch. It had 5 questions on HackerRank which were quite simple if only I had more practice. Aswin G the GSoC winner finished 1st for this. Awesome!

Had an unexpected reunion with Harsha and Nimisha, school friends. After getting back home I completed the weekly report for Pioneer Tournament and got down to work on MECLABS project. I finally completed it and this was the final output website sections, thanks to Adarsh R for his awesome Web development skills:

The website to connect project — mentor — students to empower the community

Sunday (04/10/2018)

We had our MECLABS project presentation. Coordinators Tiya and Mathew were very supportive and their guidance helped me gain confidence. Jos presented the idea to the Ex-MECians when they came:

Student enters his field of interest and experience level while the mentor enters his project domain and difficulty level. We create an automated system that connects the two perfectly and establish teams to work together and develop the end product. Due to time constraints we could not develop the full product but looking at it now I wish we put in more effort to perfect it.

A judge suggested that having a backend would have enhanced the usage. I will definitely consider that. I could not present the reason why such a platform had the potential to empower students as I was writing the 4*120 Prelims. For a change, this time I did not get through. Leon, Kuriakose and Bharat won this event! Hurray!! I still remember from last year how challenging it was solving the questions.

At the guest lectures, Mr. Mehar from Tinkerhub spoke about how being ready to fail and tinker about could empower one to go miles to create impact. He now works full time in his non — profit to empower the youth excel. I got to share my ProjectBuilderMEC idea with him and he showed interest to work together to enhance this in the future.

Next I relaxed at Fun Zone where I got to see Pooja win the best RJ title. I spent some time showing off (and nicely failing) some card magic tricks with my friends. Well, every starting magician must have had tons of awkward moments.

Overall assessment

It was quite engaging and insightful. Got to network and get to know more seniors and juniors. Recharged my mind for the future! Now I really need to get back to my academics and prepare for the exams with all my heart. Thank you for reading through.



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