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TWTW: Oct 8–14 | #4

This week took me from success peak, to humbleness and happiness in simplicity.

Recap: Last week I was at PyCon 2018 Hyderabad.

08/10/2018 (Monday)

Devdutt, Kurian and I explored Hyderabad with the help of my uncle. We got to see Charminar, Osmania University and the bustling city of old yet golden Hyderabad.

Fact: Charminar was made in memory of those who drowned in the huge flood that happened in 1400’s.

The exploration day!

My aunt fed us very well with exquisite delights and boy, we sure enjoyed it! After thanking them, we took a cab to the airport and boarded our flight back to Cochin via Chennai. We got the bad news that 1st year students had a few bad incidents of ragging and as a result the faculty was very cautious about possible interactions with seniors. This meant our Hacktoberfest idea for juniors were now doubtful :/

09/10/2018 (Tuesday)

I woke up to 2 rejection mails — one for a scholarship amount while the other for another purpose. While it was quite evident that my application was not strong enough to get through, I was hoping that by a miracle I would be chosen. Well, guess probability favors the genuinely hardworking people, and I sure am going to qualify for that category soon.

Back in college, FOSSMEC members discussed how to organize and conduct the workshop. We decided to give a shot at asking Principal Sir for a rejection is better than a regret of not daring to ask later. Our HOD and in-charge for first year students were supportive. We could not meet the in-charge for student relations that day, so we kept it for the next day.

10/10/2018 (Wednesday)

Determined to find out the state of our request, we found the in charge for student activities. He too was quite supportive but required us to get Principal Sir’s permission. When we requested the same to the head of our institute, he patiently listened but told us we could conduct this only if a faculty in charge was available. We were dishearten because being a second Saturday, all faculty would be unavailable. Nevertheless, we decided to patiently ask the faculty the next day.

When I returned home, I had a 2 hour long conversation with my good friend Baibhab Mondal from SRM. He shared his hilarious life at college and his wisdom from work experience. Thank you for the time to discuss ideas with me. It helped me think potential that students have and why it matters.

11/10/2018 (Thursday)

We went to the faculty teachers and requested if anyone would stay during the workshop. Unfortunately everyone had plans for the weekend. Fortunately though, our HOD helped us by connecting us with the in charges of biomedical department as they too had a workshop on Saturday. They agreed to take turns and monitor the proceedings of the event. We mentioned these details to Principal Sir and he agreed!! Hurray!! So now Hacktoberfest@MEC was officially going to happen!! :)


At home, I got the great news that Farha Kareem, the other Joint-Secretary of FOSSMEC got a full scholarship to attend GHCI! This was terrafic news indeed. Usually students can apply for scholarship only by 4th year but here Farha won her chance to get through in her 3rd year itself thanks to a Women in technology program that she actively participated. Kudos! :)

12/10/2018 (Friday)

The soft skills class by Mahindra Pride Classroom began. Today’s session taught us to appreciate our personal worth, how to give an extempore, and proper work ethics. The way that the trainers conduct it ensures that we pay full attention and enjoy learning it.

During the break, Farha and I went to all the classrooms and spread the word about Hacktoberfest. Many students were happy to hear about it and expressed their interest to attend. In the evening, we called all the students, gave instructions and guided them on how to enjoy the session better.

I got the 3rd rejection of the week — I did not get selected for the Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship. I though I would be sad to hear that but surprisingly, I was calm and alright with that. Thanks to Arya and Sijo, I came out of my shell and confidently stepped forward to speak out my passions. I really feel evolved compared to where I stood previously and none of that would have happened if it was not for this opportunity to apply for. So I whole heartedly embraced this rejection.

13/10/2018 (Saturday)

The D-day was here! Our 2nd year students (Aswin G, Aswin M, Devdutt, Arun, Rahul, Srividya, Priyanga, Megha) organized the event confidently and I was impressed to see how well it went! Kudos guys! From the session on Git to the guest speakers, there was a delight for everyone! All the students enjoyed it and we were really happy to know that.

In the meantime, from the soft skills class we learned how to participate in a group discussion, how to attend an interview and how to make a resume. These tips were priceless!

Meanwhile miles and miles away, Farha and Arya were rocking the show at Google DevFest Bangalore.

14/10/2018 (Sunday)

The mock interview day! We had an extempore session first, where I got the topic of Block-chain and did my best! Thankfully I got shortlisted. The interview was another great experience as I got to find out my errors such as monotonous tone, low energy and formatting issues in the resume. Thank you Tech Mahindra for your time and effort!!!

Bonus Content:

An excellent article by Adarsh a good friend of mine. Hope the title lives up to your livelihood :)

Thank you for reading my TWTW. Though there were ups and downs this week, seeing others happy and joyful really fills every void in the soul.

Mathew 23:12 — And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.



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