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Life Done Well

From Boosting Your Business to Self Love and Kintsugi

A roundup of our top stories

Photo by Cottonbro via Pexels

Personal Branding: But I’m Not a Product… How Can I Have a Brand?

Brands help businesses to differentiate their product from the competition. Personal branding can do the same thing for career-focused individuals.

Top sleeping habits of highly successful people that actually work

From my years working with top CEOs and Peak Performers

Why is it that others seem to be doing better than me?

Are you suffering from ‘Elegant Swan’ envy?

Lessons to be learned from Kintsugi for the SOUL

This beautiful Japanese art form provides a metaphor for human experiences

5 Things That You Leave Behind With Your Former Abuser

And the gratitude boost that follows



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Sarah Kat

Self help, neuropsychology, small business and marketing. An Elective Orphan and abuse survivor.