Love is simple

I made a mistake of thinking that love is simple
So I love and let myself be weak
Everything is going down now
Because of this heart
Love too much 
Everything is darker now
I lost…
When will I start?
From the beginning days
I thought simply
My heart now beats my mind
Waiting you in the dark
Send the feelings by drinking
Should I tell you to make we closer?
One thing I can’t deny
More painful
Maybe you will never know
And will never believe 
I love you 

People said love is winds and clouds
People think love is always built from both side
People draw love as a red heart on the paper
But they’re all wrong ‘cus that love is no more

And now
What do I have?
Darkness and music
Blaming myself
Smell on my shirt makes me miss you
Kiss on my lips was just given yesterday
Look back
Still waiting for our future
Everything is ending now