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The 101 Best Genius Life Hacks That Make Life Easier

Try out these 101 life hacks that are easy to-do, simple and effective. I have compiled my absolute favourites that make my life easier into one big list which is easy to digest because they are all images. Enjoy!

1. This is how Oreos must be eaten

2. There is a simple way to avoid juice on cheeks

3. Popsicle has its secret too

4. For tomato sauce lovers

5. This will save you lots of problems

6. It turns out this little hole there has its function

7. Especially useful when you make strawberry cake

8. The perfect smartphone holder

9. And is definitely more delicious

10. Brilliant!

11. Perfection

12. In case you have to deal with thievish colleagues

13. Strange, but true

14. Especially if you have rare allergies

15. The secret of the permanent marker=hacked

16. If you ever wondered…

17. Soap and water can do miracles for you

18. Eat the whole Nutella ❤

19. Wish I knew this earlier…

20. It’s the lazy people who improve our lives

21. For constant headaches

22. I’ve been preparing sandwiches the wrong way all my life

23. Because everybody hates diluted alcohol

24. How to fix a blurry camera

25. Because no one will steal your lipstick

26. For clumsy people and not only

27. Finally someone invented the solution to this problem

28. Why not?

29. For taco lovers

30. Coca Cola can also unclog your toilet

31. It works!

32. Those who have both kids and pets can relate…

33. Genius!

34. Devoted do-it-yourself-ers know

35. No more red hands

36. A lazy way to get rid of the smell

37. Here’s another proof vodka is a good thing

38. Tangled earphones=instant rage

39. Never thought of it before…

40. Save some space

41. I have returned so many times to check if I locked the door that I can’t even count them

42. Prevent glasses from breaking when moving out by putting them in socks

43. No one steals lotion bottles

44. Bee wax works perfectly if you want to water proof your shoes

45. Screws and rings are not lost forever any more

46. Scrubbing is a lot easier now

47. Wobbling keyboard no more

48. This will save you lots of time

Of course, if anything goes wrong, experienced teams that can handle any flat-pack challenge exist.

49. Prevent bottles from swaying

50. Don’t use expensive chemicals for unblocking sinks

Mix baking soda and vinegar instead.

51. Here’s how to put two bowls in a microwave

52. Shine bright like a diamond…

53. !

54. We’ve been doing it wrong

55. Use a spaghetti stick to light candles

And never burn yourself again.

56. Put a soap in your dirty laundry when travelling

This will prevent any unpleasant odours.

57. Use curtain shower hooks to organize your bags

Women will know.

58. Sew a small strip to your favourite blouse

Your bra won’t be visible any more.

59. Don’t boil the eggs, bake them

Set the oven to 325F. You can bake up to 4 dozens of eggs for thirty minutes.

60. Save some space in a creative way

61. Heavy sleeper? Here’s the solution

In severe cases, you can put it in a saucepan or a pot.

62. Prevent the cake from getting stale

Use toothpicks to attach bread to the cake.

63. When you don’t have time for ironing

64. Starter pots for flower-lovers

65. Sick of messed up cables?

66. An old case for glasses is perfect for holding make up

67. Use a muffin tin to serve condiments at a BBQ

68. Save space…

69. We’ve been doing it wrong ☺

70. Look more in people’s eyes when talking to each other

This will make them like you more.

71. A happy baby is happy

72. A modern home entertainment system

73. You love cold coffee?

Sip the coffee in an ice shape. In this way you can cold your drink without watering it down.

74. The right way to eat a corn

75. The easiest way to create an ice cream sandwich

76. How to cold beer quickly

Simply wrap it with paper and put it in the fridge. It will cold faster.

77. Use a sticky note to clear your keyboard

78. Rub a walnut in wooden furniture to hide scratches

79. Goodbye to the always falling zip

80. Hide emergency money in a sanitary napkin package

81. Clean dust with old socks

82. Drink a glass of water while drinking coffee

It will protect your teeth.

83. Use dental floss to perfectly cut cakes

84. When you don’t have enough space in the kitchen

85. The cutest holder for keys!

86. Fry your eggs perfectly

87. A box full of coffee beans is ideal for storing your make up brushes

88. Use clothespin when hammering

89. A little vinegar will leave your blinds spotless

90. For hard to reach spots

91. Don’t throw the paperboard for eggs

92. Use the whole tooth paste!

93. Keep your fridge organized!

94. Put a small amount of baking soda when boiling eggs

Peeling them off will be easier.

95. Turn baby jars into magnetic spice jars

96. Drink apple juice before going to bed for sweet dreams

97. An easy way to amplify your laptop speakers

98. Phone on air mode=no ads in games

99. Yummy sausages with no ash on them

100. A bowl with a little oil in it attracts mosquitoes

101. Want to check your breath? Lick your wrist and wait 10 seconds.

Smell it. This is how your breath smells to others. Yeah!




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