I’m not impressed with Chance the Rapper’s $1 million donation

Well, whoopty frickin’ doo

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Chance the Rapper can take his million dollar donation, along with a Kit Kat bar, and shove it up his ass. Not only am I not impressed by this supposedly generous act of charity, but I question his motives.

In case you haven’t heard, it was announced the other day that Chance is donating $1 million to Chicago Public Schools. There was a big press conference held at an elementary school near where he grew up. It was broadcast live on Instagram to 14,000 people, many of whom were dumbass kids asking him to come perform in their towns.

Chance stood in a classroom that looked eerily similar to the classroom where President George W. Bush pretended to read My Pet Goat on 9/11, which makes me wonder if this was a real classroom or a TV set.

He wore a goofy-looking ball cap promoting his most recent album, Coloring Book. He mostly gives away his albums, but he still makes money if people stream them on Spotify, which is the only way people listen to music these days anyway, and he probably makes a few dollars on the back end if anyone buys one of those ball caps.

The weekend before this announcement, Chance had a meeting with Illinois’ governor, Republican Bruce Rauner, which apparently didn’t go well. The governor vetoed a bill to supply the schools with $215 million in funding, and Chance was trying to get him to sign off on the bill, I guess through sheer force of personality.

If it worked for the Grammys, he must have figured, maybe it would work in politics. (Chance now has three more Grammys than Public Enemy ever received.)

Did he try the thing where he spontaneously jumps up on a conference table and performs one of his songs? White people love to see black kids perform. Bobby Shmurda did that at Epic, and it got him a deal, despite the fact that he was already well on his way to prison.

Kanye pulled something similar at Google, back when I was with XXL. As I recall, the song consisted primarily of him shouting the dreaded n-word at some guy who was banging his mom after his parents got divorced.

Since Chance couldn’t talk the governor into cutting a check for $215 million, he decided to put his money where his mouth is, so to speak. He presented a check for $1 million to Chicago Public Schools and also announced plans to donate another $10,000 for every $100,000 he can get people to donate.

The money isn’t coming from his own pocket, but rather from the companies that are putting on his tour, including Live Nation, Ticketmaster and various other independent promoters and venues. They’ve probably got it set up to where the companies save way more money in taxes than what they’re donating, thus, ironically, robbing the government of money that could have gone to fund public education.

Arguably, this donation wouldn’t have counted as true charity anyway, regardless of who was paying for it, because it was announced publicly, and therefore it’s not charity–it’s virtue signaling, with the difference being that the purpose of charity is to help out the less fortunate, while the purpose of virtue signaling is to get your name in the paper for having done something good, probably to cover up for some larger scam you’re trying to pull.

Notice how this press conference was held a mere matter of days after Chance’s historic wins at this year’s Grammys, wins that had to be arranged by changing the rules so that he’d be eligible in the first place. What sense did it make to change the rules just so that one guy would be eligible, when they obviously haven’t been putting any thought or effort into deciding who wins any of the rap categories for the past 30 some-odd years?

It’s almost as if they’re purposely appointing Chance the Rapper as the de facto leader of young black Chicago.

In fact, it’s been suggested by no less an authority than @yaybeisu on Twitter that this is part of a larger gentrification scheme akin to the one my fellow STL journalist Juan Thompson tried to warn us about before he was arrested by the FBI and accused of calling in bomb threats to Jewish community centers, with Chance the Rapper functioning as the black front for white business interests.

You’ll recall that Jay Z once served a similar purpose in his native Brooklyn, where he was presented as being part owner of the Nets, despite only owning what was later revealed by the New York Times to be a 1/15th of 1% stake in the team. The real owners of the team were the Russians, who used Jay Z’s vanity stake as public relations cover to force area black people out of their homes.

The Russians are back in the news lately because Donald Trump is alleged to have extensive business dealings with them, and it’s also been alleged that they have a video of him engaging in water sports with a Russian hooker, which they could use to blackmail him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in cahoots with the same exact people who once enlisted Jay Z as part of their nefarious plot. They seem to be working from the same playbook.

President Trump already has real estate holdings in Chicago, and it’s been suggested that he has his eye on the south side as affordable housing for CAC millennials who can’t afford the rent in the part of town where it’s safe to live. This is why he’s been floating the idea of sending in the National Guard to round up all the black kids. He held his own press conference, a few weeks ago, with a guy who looks suspiciously similar to Brian Pumper.

Is Chance the Rapper familiar with this guy? He does perform gospel rap.

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Originally published at tinyletter.com.