Amazon Prime Video: buy from TV shows

What if you could pause any show and buy what you see? A concept for Amazon Prime Video.

I always wanted so many of the t-shirts, jackets and furniture from TV Show and when Amazon moved to the TV shows space I hoped they developed this feature.

This is a product sketch for the feature I'm dreaming of. I saw that Prime Video already have a feature called X-Ray. This feature can detect in real time who are the actors in the scene, but nothing related to everything else such as glasses, clothes, furniture and so on.

Amazon Prime Video is blacking out every screenshot for copyright reasons! To solve this I drew a simple sketch of a random scene from "Crisis in Six Scenes". The X-Ray feature is in the left top corner. Does it looks like kind of Woody Allen?

The convenient thing about Amazon is that it doesn’t need most of the data needed for doing this purchase. It already knows my shipping address, my credit card and they have the logistics to put this in place.

Let's see how this feature could be. Prototype time!

Pause the show

The first thing to do to access this feature is pausing the show. Once paused you will see a marker for every purchasable item. Hover on any item to see more informations.

I'm not 100% sure if the cotton sweater is the Allen's one but you get the idea.

Alright, did you see something that you like? Let's buy it, then! Just click on Buy Now and it's done: you are already logged-in with your Amazon account.

For sure one of the hardest part of this idea is cataloging all the items in a show, but that could be done gradually and for some specific shows if the product placement is heavier. Think James Bond. Or the Nelly famous Excel video. That's a hell of a product placement!, I guess.

The interface for product insertion would also be a very interesting interface from an UX point of view, but that’s for another article.

I believe this could be very interesting for brands as well. Product placement now is a common practise for brands and this feature could give them a way to measure the impact of the investment.

This article represents just my ideas. I’m not affiliated with Amazon in any way, I just like imagining new products, design features and animating it!

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