Life in General

and my own in particular

Leaving Lent

We’ve entered the season of Lent, that time in the Christian calendar when it’s customary to focus our meditations on sacrifice and suffering. But at the risk of offending any…

Good Grief

Maybe the last best gift you give your loved ones is letting them bury you.

The first funeral I ever attended was for my paternal grandfather. I was…

Always on the road.

Most people can’t comprehend how I’ve lived in two+ cities for over four years. It’s easy. I’ll let you in on a few of my secrets. 

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

“Just tell them how you left your job working 90 hours a week at a hedge fund to join a startup to disrupt the industry.”

Be aggressive

Be be aggressive.

Football was fun. Our job was to hit. Hard.

We competed. To score. To fight. To win.

Yo hablo español y/and I speak marketing.

I’ve spent years practicing in both worlds and regularly find unexpected crossover lessons. 

I kinda <3 the Internet

That connection.

There is this strong feeling that bubbles up when dreaming about the future of the Internet.


Einstein was a smart guy. Apparently.

But to be honest, I don’t know whether he actually was. Or not.

There was a time.

There was that time. I think you remember what I mean.

When we had that burning fire. Somewhere underneath.

We couldn’t quite articulate the thing we wanted to say.

It came POURing out. In drops…then streams…then a gush of emotion so intense and clear and unclear and overwhelmingly present and real that Camus and Sartre…

Opening personal finance conversations with your family. 

Talking with those closest to you about money helps you and helps them. 

I felt the impact.

We lived next door to a group of guys our age, and I had been living in “the City” for four months. The night before, I remember looking up at the towers as I walked home…

e books or real books?

Logical or personal choice?

No, I am not about to have a gadget discussion here. Neither am I about to post arguments that can vary from person…

The importance of a work sabbatical.

I’m for figuring out what you want to do… and letting the rest fall into place.

Hay ratas in mi dormitorio 

Battling New York City’s apartment stock.

I’ve lived in some shitholes in my days. There was that falling apart shotgun house in The…

Your permanent record.

My first time might have been in Ms. Gillis’ third grade English class.

“If you don’t do well on this test, it will be on your permanent

The undreamed.

Sometimes I rhyme slow…sometimes I rhyme…

You know. That lyric.

I forgot it once, and then one day.

At Home Inside My Head

An introvert takes up happy residence with her own thoughts

“You live in your head so much,” my boss once told me. She didn’t mean it as…

North Carolinian, Not by Birth but 100% by Choice

It’s home and it’s absolutely where my heart is.

Life in General
Life in General

and my own in particular

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