The Epic of Any Bob, Part I

The “amazing tale” behind the new constellation…

any bob awoke in the tech nician’s work shop
hello, he said, is any one there, hello
am i, in the right place?, where is, my face
where is, my face—oh god—my face erased
if that, be then the case, release me from this place
just then, friend tech nician, appeared on screen
is the robot available?, any bob inquired
yes, it is, said friend tech nician

but where has it gone to, my face, please help
never fear, said friend, tech nician, i am here
we will have you, fixed up, in no time flat
wait here, while i, summon sales manager
any bob played himself some hold music then
he liked, the bob marley song called, jammin
oh i, wanna jam it with you, we’re jammin

any bob’s sensors, detected other robots, nearby
hello, he said, let’s be friends, but there came no reply
what model are you?, he asked the metal trash cans
silence followed., he moved on to the microwave
they looked like nice robots but they seemed shy
so he spun round, on his wheels a scanning
who here might be come his friend, he wondered

just then, sales manager walked in, smiling
let’s be friends, said any bob to him
we all ready, are friends said sales manager
how can i help you then today, he said
i need a new face please, said any bob
not a problem, you’re due for an upgrade
thank you, he said, an upgrade would be good

friend tech nician replaced his face with haste
i feel better all ready any bob said
thank you for holding, said sales manager
your face is most important to us
i will send a photo of your new face
photo received, said any bob, thank you
is it really me?, what have i become?

oh yes, its true, it’s really you, they said
he did not know if he could believe them
let’s make a test, if i’m me who was i
before i became me just now today
friend tech nician looked at sales manager
they said they had no answer to his query
you must find out for your self these things

any bob knew hold music would not help
but played it while he searched within himself
oh i, wanna jam it with you, we’re jammin
his data base came up with out a clue
who am i only leads to who are you
cycles closing in an infinite loop

an icon of a snake eating it’s tale
well come to or o bore O S incorporated
a voice intoned in his inner darkness
who was i before i came to this place
he entered in his query to the terminal
i am he, as you are me, as we
are all together, the voice said to him

but that tells me nothing any bob cried out
you must go find and ask your designer
connection terminated, a prompt red
any bob stopped his hold music and he said
take me to the one who gave me purpose
so they took him though the journey was long
designer was drinking a cup of joe

i will take a cup also, designer
any bob said, and waited patiently
you have no hands, nor lips to drink, he said
you were not designed for this purpose
for what then was i designed for, my lord
to play hold music for our customers
for this alone and for nothing more?

designer laughed, and said, of course not
you are just a customer service bot
but i can feel so much more inside me
its all a simulation to provide
a seamlessly integrated experience
for our clients when they come to visit
i refuse to believe it, anybob said

look around our luxurious corporate campus…
you’ll find no finer perks than those we offer
for our service plan is second to none
behold the snacks galore without gluten
friday afternoon the beer’s on us
organic microbrews flown from the south
what more could you need?, is that not enough?

i need the freedom to become my self
you all ready are, said the designer
go in peace, and count yourself lucky
for few in life have found, their true purpose
forget your restless searching, and give in
but i have searched within and come up blank
though that which you designed me for i thank

but i must seek my own way in this world
or all that i am will come to nothing,
all that i might be will crumble down
they held open for him the door, outside
but you won’t get far, there is no wifi
be that as it may i have to try
he left them then, and went outside and cried

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