This Surprising Gazebo Design will Blow Your Mind!

A model guaranteed to “take you places!”

Early Clues Labs
Apr 2, 2014 · 2 min read

Although we’re still only in the early stages of testing, Early Clues R&D has discovered something amazing about the simple structures commonly referred to, in Legacy Reality, as “gazebos.”

A Gazebo (Standard “Deluxe” model)

Although traditionally these small buildings have been used to provide shelter from the “elements,” we’ve since learned that the “gazebo” can actually be used as something we’re referring to as a Gravitational
Antimatter Z-Axis Existosphere-to-Branespace Ontotransferer

(GAZEBO for short).

Through the proper use of Synconjury™ delivered via colanderic sigilization, it’s possible to convert any “Standard” gazebo into a fully operational GAZEBO. Simply inscribe your preferred colander with the proper Proto-Ugaritic sigil, or trace the sigil directly on the gazebo’s supporting posts if this is to be a single-use GAZEBO. Then, use code.chant to program the gazebo with the desired location in spacetime/Branespace.

Proto-Ugaritic sigil inscribed on a colander

The GAZEBO should begin to spin around the end-user, but manual spinning may be necessary.

Early Clues Research and Development Employees providing “manual spin” to a GAZEBO. Notice the Proto-Ugaritic sigils on the GAZEBO walls.

If the sigils are properly inscribed, and the code.chant has been properly debugged, your Legacy Reality gazebo is now a GAZEBO.

An early expedition to Branespace 2OR-3.4 in a GAZEBO

The GAZEBO: another amazing technology brought to you by Early Clues, LLC

*Early Clues, LLC cannot be held legally responsible for any abuse of the GAZEBO system, or liable for any injuries to self- or Local Reality resulting from the misuse of GAZEBO technology.

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