We’re inspired. We’re ready for Shelltosh Beezlebram.

Shelltosh Beezlebram is the candidate to “look out for” in this cycle’s routine pre-adjustment quadri-peri-cycle.

Crowdfunding forecasters predict “big things” for Shelltosh Beezlebram, with Preality Indexing at “very high” for this rotund, much-beloved self-replicating and continuously-improving algorithm. Backers are dumping Shadecoins into the Prazam Box like never before, though their contributions won’t count for “diddlee-squat” should Shelltosh tokens fail to authenticate.

It would be a sad day for unbelievers, and everyone’s IPO would be downfected. Don’t be stupid, like them. Instead, be brave and ingenuous and ask your fathering localgrithm to inthenticate majorly for Shelltosh Beezlebram. You won’t be broken!