Don’t Count America Out
John McCain

Wonderful speech, pure and emotional. It would have done honor to the Third Reich, in the case of the Nazi victory.

But why in real life your Western world is more like a cancerous tumor, which constantly requires more and more resources and destroys neighboring healthy cells and kills the entire body?

I can not understand this.

For example you need to walk far. Look at your Ukraine. You have ruined this country. The European Union is not hiding its Western nature and connects the small cash assistance with the abolition of the ban on felling of Ukrainian forests.

You Western World ignore all attempts to stop the war in the Donbas and encourage your Ukrainian minions continue to fight with his own people.

Do I understand correctly, that in your vision only the Western World has right to good life. And the rest must either fight or feed resources to your Western Wold?

What is the pathos of your speech, mr. John McCain?