Reaching the Highest Point in Wales: Snowdon

I just came back from a trip to Llandudno, a lovely seaside town in Wales. There were many interesting activities you could do in Llandudno: walking in town, lying on the long-stretch beach, going up to the Great Orme summit (either by walking or a tram).

Llandudno beach
Great Orme summit
Great Orme Tramway

And, that what I did with friends on the first day we arrived in the city. I thought that was good enough for my weekend.

I was wrong …

The next day we went hiking at Snowdonia national park. It was about one-hour drive from the city of Llandudno. We didn’t drive though so we needed to hire a taxi plus a few bus connections to go there. I didn’t expect anything from the hiking since I was not in the planning team of this trip. I was just tagged along. So I didn’t know what to expect and see. I just wished to chill out and have a good time with friends.

I was wrong again … what I found is far more interesting than just chilling out.

We took the “Watkin” route. The trail was amazing. I kept me tired but amazed at the same time.

Watkin path (credit:

The pure beauty of nature that you can spotted along the whole walking trail was incomparable to what I’ve seen before.

There were beautiful streams, ponds, flowers, waterfalls (a few of them), hills, old mines that encouring you to stop, and spend time looking at them. Even I was very tired not very long after starting (I was so weak these days — too few exercises!), what I saw invigorated me to keep walking so I could see more. At least that the effects happening to me along the 6.5-km route.

Amazing, isn’t it?

And when I was reaching the last 400m to the summit, the real challenge I had not expected finally came. It was a very very steep hill to climb. Maybe I was a novice hiker, since I saw many fellow hikers did climb so easily (including two over-energetic little Beagles!), but I had to admit that it was more than challenging to me.

The last 400m

I didn’t dare to look down much while climbing since the height kept me dizzy. I became my beloved hero, the Amazing Spider-man, since I was using both my arms and legs to climb.

Walaaa~ eventually the view from the summit made you forgot all the death-risking climbs that you had done. The Snowdon summit is 1085m high from the sea level. It is considered as the highest peak in Wales and the 2nd highest in the UK (after Ben Nevis in Scotland). The panoramic view was stunning, the wind is dragging you off the ground (be careful not to lose your caps or hats here). I didn’t think I can capture that moment using cameras. You have to try and see it by yourself :-)

View from the top of Snowdon.
Another trail to go down/up
The Snowdon moutain railway station

P.S. Since I already bought a train ticket on the way back. I didn’t walk down the other route (some of my friends did).

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