6 things you need to know about Dropbox Japan

To a lot of people looking to join the tech industry in Japan, it may seem that the country is oversaturated with companies that are barely distinguishable from each other. But Dropbox isn’t just another tech company. Our offices in Tokyo and Osaka are home to some of the best minds in the industry who have helped us infuse our Dropbox culture with a Japanese twist, resulting in work environments, processes, and teams that are pretty special. Nine of our team members shared the factors that they think make Dropbox Japan so unique.

1. Work/life balance is everything.

“Work/life balance means respecting every individual’s work style. Our work times, places, and vacations can be set up very flexibly, and our bosses and team members respect and support the work/life balance of each individual. Thanks to tools like Dropbox Paper and our company culture, even though I am a sales person, I’m still able to achieve a good balance by taking long vacations in summer and autumn to travel abroad.”

-Maya, Outbound Sales

Maya exploring Argentina

“One really important thing about working for Dropbox is that we have all tools (Dropbox included!) that enable us to work from anywhere. I worked from home one to two days a week even before COVID-19, which enabled me to take care of my family. Working remotely won’t stop you being productive — you can pursue your career while balancing it with your family life.”

-Mizuki, Customer Success

Mizuki’s son cooking dinner while she works

2. We make sure parents don’t get the short end of the stick.

“Being a parent at Dropbox has been great. I have an extremely flexible work schedule where I can take my older daughter to kindergarten every morning, and since I am working from home now, I can take care of my younger son occasionally during the day. I can catch up on work after my children go to sleep in the evening and before they wake up in the morning. Since I have been working from home since March, I have been able to spend even more time with my family, which is great.”

-Ken, Business Development

Ken spending time with his kids

3. We’ve made staying connected during quarantine one of our top priorities.

“To be honest, I think we’ve become closer and closer even under the current situation, and I’m grateful that I’m able to work as usual. The Dropbox product itself doesn’t let you feel distance or separation. By using Dropbox Spaces, Dropbox Paper, Zoom, and Slack more frequently, I think you can communicate as much as you do in the office.”

-Koko, APJ Sales Enablement

Koko with her kids

“I joined the company in March this year and quickly became WFH due to COVID-19. I was working in the Osaka office, and I still hadn’t met most people who were working in the Tokyo office. I wondered, ‘how am I going to be able to communicate well with everyone when I haven’t even met them?’ I was worried, but now I feel connected with everyone. We have Happy Hours every Friday and I get to talk to many people from the Tokyo office.”

-Hiroshi, Outbound Sales

Hiroshi with his son
Dropbox Japan Friday Happy Hour

4. Our teams are humble and work hard to help each other succeed.

“I really value the principle of ‘they win, we win,’ and that’s exactly what Dropbox does as one supportive team. For example, whenever I work for internal events and need to ask for volunteers, I always get a lot of Dropboxers who jump in to help, which I really appreciate. I belong to the office team, and I always feel that my priority should be putting everyone’s needs first and creating an easy-to-work environment for everyone in the company.”

-Tomoko, Office Team

Office Team — Tokyo & Sydney

5. We spend every single day figuring out new ways to challenge ourselves, innovate, and create better products.

“Since we are heading toward a big goal with a small number of people, we need to collaboration a lot across departments. But we feel that the Japan office has set the theme of ‘one team’, and our culture of working together to solve problems takes us far every day.”

-Daichi, Marketing

“My desire to work at Dropbox was strong because I felt like it was an environment in which I could try new things. Actually, when I learned more about the scope of the position I had applied to, I was thinking I wanted to do more beyond that, so I almost withdrew from the process. However, when I heard the re-organization plans and goals and talked with the future team, I reconsidered, because I felt that Dropbox is an environment where you can meet new challenges one right after the other.”

-Kazutaka, Business Development

Kazutaka with a colleague from Dublin Office

6. Celebrating our diversity is the backbone of our culture.

“This culture is important to me because even though we work as a team, everyone on the team is also an independent person with a different background and a different mind. Only by respecting everyone can we build a diversified team so that everyone can maximize their talents. Also, as I know that what I am doing will be respected, I can give 100% of my best every single time and feel no fear to try new ideas.”

-Yuan, Solutions Architect

We’re still hiring in Japan! Check out job openings here.



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