Cody Hale shares why joining Dropbox was the best decision of his career

Cody Hale

Q: What is your name, what office do you work out of, and how long have you been at Dropbox?

A: My name is Cody Hale, and I’m based out of Austin, TX. I’ve been a Dropboxer since March of 2015.

Q: What’s your current role in helping make the world work better?

A: I’m the Director of Sales for our Central & LATAM regions in the Global Sales & Channel org. Our team is responsible for building an outbound sales engine by growing our number of Dropbox Enterprise teams across all industries. In addition, my goals are to build a familial culture with a foundation of trust and loyalty and ensure that we have the proper leaders to instill that culture each and every day.

Q: In your time at Dropbox, what’s something you’ve accomplished that you’re proud of?

A: I started at Dropbox at a time when Sales & Channel was figuring out what direction to head. It’s been exciting to see the impact each individual can have on the team’s success and how that dictates what direction we take next.

Q: Have you had transformational or inspirational moments at Dropbox?

A: Two stand out. The first was being able to manage our LATAM team and help build out, what I feel, is the next big opportunity for Dropbox in that region. Now, we’ve got the team, and hired the right leadership. And with investment from the business, it’s time to take the next step with that team.

Second has to be the day of our IPO. It was such a moving day for me personally and professionally to see so many people’s hard work pay off in such a big way. I was so proud in that moment of everything this company had accomplished, and will continue to do so.

Q: Why did you decide to join Dropbox?

A: I wanted to help build, and be a part of, something that was disruptive in the best way possible. I was at Google for seven years before making the jump to Dropbox. The majority of my time was within Google Enterprise, focusing primarily on Google Apps and Drive. The opportunity at Dropbox allowed me to influence and execute on a new strategy for the company, which was too hard to pass up. I feel we have such a unique opportunity here at Dropbox for a multitude of reasons, and it was the best professional decision I’ve ever made.

Q: What surprised you most about Dropbox when you joined?

A: I was a bit surprised to see just how extremely loyal and committed to Dropbox our users are. It was refreshing and invigorating to talk to customers who absolutely love the product you’re selling. People of all backgrounds and experiences have grown to rely on and leverage Dropbox, both personally and professionally, and that has been eye-opening for me to witness. It’s uplifting to work for a company that has built such a following, and fanbase, by simply building a great product that makes people’s lives easier.

Q: What does creative energy mean to you?

A: Energy provides you the capacity to do work. Creative energy is a way for me to tap into the work that matters most to me, my family, my peers, and Dropbox, and to try and do something new, and original, each and every day.

Q: How do you unleash your creative energy in your day?

A: By continuing to build relationships across the company and openly communicate with the many talented people we have on our team. The conversations that we have each day allow us to explore creative ways to solve the problems in front of us. And by building those relationships, it also provides us an opportunity to test and experiment often. This freedom in how we work is not common in many companies and industries, so we take advantage of it as often as possible.

Q: What can we find you doing outside of work?

A: We recently welcomed our first child (daughter Lilah Malí), so a lot of our time is spent being first-time parents. Outside of that, I could spend all day in the yard landscaping and gardening — even in the Texas heat! Throw in a little Barton Springs Pool to escape the summers, with some golf on the side, and that’s my world right now.

Left: Lilah at three months; Right: Lilah at one year
Left: Backyard landscaped; Right: Barton Springs Pool

Q: Any accomplishments you’re proud of outside of work?

A: Being there for my daughter, and making sure she always comes first.

Posing with the Spurs’ five championship trophies

Q: What is something interesting about you that not a lot of people know?

A: I grew up in a small, South Texas town with fewer than 3,000 people — think Friday Night Lights. Also, growing up 45 miles southeast of San Antonio and being a huge Spurs fan, I became a season ticket holder six years ago, and will hold on to that as long as possible!



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