Dropbox Trustober 2018 recap

At Dropbox, one of our core company values is “Be Worthy of Trust.” Our culture of security is built upon this foundation of trust and is a fundamental part of our identity.

Every October, we celebrate our culture of security through Trustober — a month of talks, workshops, and events that teach us about how to best protect Dropbox, our users, and one another. Not only does Trustober help us celebrate a culture of security, it also helps us keep security and safety top of mind, both in the workplace and outside the office.

During Trustober 2018, we held 70 talks, workshops, and events globally, as well as nearly 20 CPR and first aid training sessions for Dropboxers. From hands-on workshops to short talks, we covered topics focused on our core themes of security, privacy, safety, and reliability including lock picking, bug bounty programs, social engineering, and more. Here are some of the highlights:


Our annual Capture the Flag (CTF) provides Dropboxers with a fun, hands-on opportunity to solve security-related puzzles. By teaching Dropboxers how to recognize potential security flaws, we get our employees excited about security and help them practice their offensive thinking.

Dropboxers taking part in our annual CTF event

Locks are part of our everyday lives, and lock picking is a sport with a long history of fans and learners! During this Lock Picking Workshop, we covered a few techniques, debunked a few myths about locks, and gave Dropboxers a chance to try their own hand.

Each Dropboxer got their own lock to pick


During Trustober, we partnered with the American Red Cross, Irish Heart Foundation, and German Red Cross to offer First Aid and CPR Certification Workshops to Dropboxers globally.

There were child & infant CPR classes…
…as well as adult CPR classes


At Dropbox, we’re always assessing risks and improving the security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our systems. During Trustober, we held a number of workshops and talks focused on reliability.


We held a number of panels and discussions that focused on the current privacy landscape.

…and having fun!

Last but not least, we found ways to have fun with security games and get-togethers throughout our offices globally.


Although Trustober takes place every October, nurturing our culture of security is a year-round job that is part of everyone’s responsibility. Running an event of this scale is important to highlight as well. Nearly 170 employees across over a dozen Dropbox offices volunteered their time and energy to bring Trustober 2018 to life.

Here’s what a few Dropboxers had to say after Trustober:

“Trust is built into everything we do. It’s often times fragile and requires [that] we actively maintain it.”

“There is an ever evolving landscape when it comes to security, and we need to do our best to stay on top of it!”

“Security is important and requires high levels of attention and awareness, but it can also be fun and interesting.”

Whether it’s through a book, class, or workshop, we encourage you to find ways to keep security and safety top-of-mind in all that you do, too!

To learn more about opportunities at Dropbox, visit us at dropbox.com/jobs.



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